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Bizarre Foam Blob Is Taking Over A Street In California

In typical 2016 fashion, a new bizarre story has emerged from Santa Clara, California. This time, it involves an entire city block covered in 4 feet of snowy looking foam. The best part? Authorities live-streamed the event, and for a good reason. The foam looks like it’s alive!

On Friday at around 11:00 AM, police reported a mysterious foam oozing from a hangar that malfunctioned on Mineta San Jose International Airport property. No, it’s not actually snow or the beginning of a superhero origin story. The police immediately deduced that it was a type of flame retardant used to put out liquid fires, according to KTVU.


Authorities immediately issued a warning across all social media, urging people to stay away because this type of chemical is a carcinogen in its concentrated form, and at best (when diluted) it causes skin irritation. This didn’t stop some people from running through it and playing with it, including a biker named Blake who said the foam ‘felt like soap’.

Footage of the foam taken by TV stations and witnesses shows the blob moving up and down like it’s breathing and coming to life, which gave it a hypnotic, hard-to-look-away quality. Authorities determined that even though it looks like there’s a lot of foam, it would only take the weekend to completely clear all of it from the street.

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