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25 Bizarre Inventions That Never Stood A Chance

There are some inventions that have enriched our lives and that we consider to be great. These great inventions are the automobile, planes, cell phones, shoes, and things like that.

Then there are some inventions that are really bizarre and you wonder why they were invented to begin with, such as motorized roller skates.

Below is a list of 25 bizarre inventions that never stood a chance.

1. The Aqua Bike: states that this Aqua Bike was invented in Paris in 1932. This bizarre invention was built to cycle on land or through the water. We are not sure why someone would want to cycle through water, which is why this bizarre invention never stood a chance. Not only were people not interested in cycling through water, but for people who weighed more than 120 pounds, the bike couldn’t support you.

2. Motorized Surfboard: For those of you who don’t know how to surf this might have been the perfect bizarre invention for you. states that there used to be a motorized surfboard that would require no surfing knowledge to operate. All you would have to do is stand up straight and let the motor do the work.

3. Tiny Feet Boat: states that there was a rubber boat that had boots sticking out of them for your feet. This might be one of the most bizarre inventions on this list. We can only think of one specific group of people who would enjoy this invention. And those are people who fly fish. Though this tiny boat wouldn’t be used today, they would enjoy the history of this bizarre invention.

4. Human Radar: According to, this bizarre invention was built in 1940 to detect enemy sounds. We understand that it was built to hear your enemy, but if your enemy was close by wouldn’t this signal them that humans were there? We are starting to realize why this invention didn’t quite catch up.


5. TV Goggles: states that in 1963, inventor Hugo Gernsback invented TV Goggles. This bizarre invention would allow people to watch their favorite TV shows individually, instead of having to share one TV screen amongst a family. These goggles weren’t the most fashionable way to watch TV but we have to admit that Gernsback was ahead of his time. If you think about it now we are all doing this, only we are doing it on our phones.

6. Old School Rollerblades: When we think of roller skating we think of the four wheeled skates or blades we have today. But there were other rollerblades that were invented decades before. calls them the Mack Daddy of rollerblades, and for a good reason. Look at how huge the wheels are on these things. Never seen anything like them.


7. Snow Masks: If you live in a climate that gets intense winter storms then you will enjoy this bizarre invention. states that in Canada in 1939 someone invented these snow masks to protect people’s faces. We can’t help but notice how intense these masks look. We are thankful that we now have ski masks to do this job and we don’t have to worry about poking someone’s eye out.

8. Pedestrian Proof Cars: According to, people in 1920s France were worried about the invention of the automobile. They believed that the cars would run pedestrians over. Due to this, French manufacturers made this bizarre net-catcher for the fronts of automobiles. When a car ran into a pedestrian they would be scooped into this big net instead of being run over.

9. Death Chamber Baby Cages: According to, these bizarre baby cages were a thing in 1930s London. Baby cages were attached to tenement windows as a way for babies to get fresh air. We can’t help but think of the danger these babies were in if one of these cages happened to break. It’s no wonder we don’t see any of these around nowadays.

10. Heated Police Vests: states that in the United States in 1932 there were police vests that included electricity to keep the police warm. In order to supply electricity to the vest, inventors had to install electrical contacts in the pavement of the street below. So these traffic police were actually taken away from doing their jobs because they needed to plug themselves in whenever they felt cold. It’s no wonder this invention didn’t last.

11. Wooden Bathing Suits: states that wooden bathing suits were released in the United States in 1929. We can’t help but think that this bizarre invention would’ve caused a lot of splinters to happen for the people who bought them. We guess the thought process back then was the same as it is now, style over comfort.


12. Reading Sunbed: A lot of us like to read when we are suntanning on the beach or in the backyard on a suntanning chair. A problem always arises when we are giving our back some sun because we are unable to sit properly and read. According to, there was an invention back in 1964 that helped with this problem. Yet, for some reason, it never caught on.


13. Shower Hoods: When we think of keeping our perm intact when in the shower, we think of a shower cap. But back in the day, they had a bizarre invention called the shower hood. states that this shower hood would go completely over the person’s head to not ruin their hair-do. Thankfully this bizarre invention didn’t last.

14. Baby Suspender: These baby suspenders were one bizarre invention in London, England, according to This is a pretty strange way to carry your children around, especially while on ice. If one of these parents fell then their baby would also suffer some damage. We are happy to say that this invention didn’t last.


15. The Fliz: states that German designers Juri Spetter and Tom Hambrock invented a bicycle by removing nearly everything that makes a bicycle. In doing so they made this bizarre invention called the Fliz. In order to operate this invention, you need to strap into it and start running. You can pick your legs up when you feel the wheels can operate on their own, but once the speed slows you need to run again. Talk about a workout.


16. Hideous Life Preservers: When we think of life preservers today we think of the bright and bulky life vests. According to, these life preservers looked different back in the day. states that in 1925 Germany, life preservers looked more like bicycle tires being strapped around humans. Thankfully this invention has changed through the years.

17. Biking Baby Carriage: states that in 1920 there were bikes with baby carriages attached to them. Could you imagine the amount of leg muscle this woman must’ve needed to get this bike to move? Our guess is that she had a lot of strength within her to do something like this. We also understand why many of these might’ve not sold which led to it not being around today.

8714-1 Engelse fietskinderwagen 1926

18. One Wheeled Motorcycle: states that this bizarre invention was built in 1931 by Italian mechanic M. Goventosa. We think the reason this invention didn’t take off was that it’s scary enough to drive a motorcycle with two wheels, let alone one. People probably felt safer being on a unicycle than on a one-wheeled motorcycle.

19. Finger Fork: According to, there is a new invention taking the dining world by storm. And that bizarre invention is the finger fork. This invention works exactly how you think it does, you stick your finger into the fork and then proceed to eat with it. If you are interested in not hold your fork, but rather the fork being an extension of your finger then this bizarre invention is for you. Maybe it will pick up, or maybe it will die out.

20. Bedtime Reading Glasses: states that an English inventor in 1936 invented easy to read bedtime glasses. These glasses were made with an arrangement of mirrors so you didn’t have to sit up in bed to read but could remain lying down. These glasses sound like a pretty good bizarre invention to us, but they never caught on.

21. All Terrain Car: This car was able to get through any terrain it encountered. According to, this bizarre car invention was created in 1936 in England. also states that this invention is about to descend slopes of up to 65 degrees. This sounds like one of the better inventions on this list, but we can’t help but notice the look of the car.

22. Radio Hat: When we think of listening to the radio we think about iPods, Discman, and even Boomboxes. Yet none of us think about the bizarre invention that was the Radio Hat. states that the Radio Hat was invented in the United States in 1931. And it consisted of a straw hat that was attached to a portable radio.

23. Piano Bed: states that in Great Britain in 1935 there was a bizarre piano invention. This bizarre invention was that a piano would move and hang over someone’s bed. It was stated that this piano bed invention would be helpful to those who enjoyed playing the piano and were bedridden.

24. Portable Bridge: states that this bizarre invention was made in the Netherlands in 1926 by a man named L. Deth. This portable bridge was meant to be carried around with you and to be used when you happened to find a creek. This was an invention for all of those out there that didn’t want to get their shoes wet and dirty. Too bad it never caught on.

25. Old School GPS: When we think of a GPS we think of the ones that have knowledge of virtually everywhere we want to go. According to, there was a bizarre type of GPS invented in 1932. You would have to place a paper map inside of the GPS and it would tell you where on the map you are. Thankfully they didn’t keep this version of the GPS, we are much better equipped with the ones we have today.

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