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Black Belt Confronts Overly Aggressive Student But Quickly Backs Down

Even black belts find themselves in situations they can’t get out of. Take this guy for example. Watch as an overly aggressive martial artist begins stirring up trouble at a training facility and a black belt tries to put him in his place.

1YouTube/Kit Dale

It all starts when a black belt martial artist is approached by an aggressive MMA fighter, wreaking havoc on the other fighters. ‘He’s beating the hell out of everyone. Someone’s gotta do something this’ he says.

So the martial artist decides he’s the one who needs to do something about it and replies ‘I’ll show him who the black belt is’. However things don’t exactly go as planned.

When he approaches the fighter, who has his student in a fierce headlock he asks ‘Why are you picking on students? You wanna roll with a black belt, let’s go’.

2YouTube/Kit Dale

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