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Twitter User Gets Destroyed After Complaining About Critic’s Black Panther Tweet

Disney and Marvel’s latest superhero blockbuster ‘Black Panther’ is set to open nationwide on February 16th and first reactions by media members lucky enough to get an early screening are claiming it will be one of the best movies of the year.

Joe Bel Bruno, Variety Managing editor, got to see an early screening of the upcoming Marvel movie and tweeted out: “I like rarely weigh in on movies. But, I loved Black Panther. And the guy sitting next to me – Laurence Fishburne – kept saying “Oh, Shit. Oh, SHIT.” Now that’s a review.”

Bruno’s tweet quickly went viral.

The tweet quickly caught the attention of Twitter user @DrBeKnows, who responded to Bruno’s tweet with this: “Delete this until you get PERMISSION from Laurence Fisburne. He was not on the record. You exposed a black celebrity, one currently on a family show, for repeatedly using profanity in a private context? You would never do this to a white celebrity. Never. @Variety @blackishabc”


Bruno quickly responded to the obviously upset @DrBeKnows and said: “He was really enjoying the movie. We all were. Nice guy, too!”

Good, discussion over, right? No. This is Twitter and everyone who saw the exchange felt the need to chime in.

One such user, @bwandyn, sarcastically tweeted: “Ah yes, the black people curse excessively stereotype. Such a huge issue. An issue every sane person would instantly think of when reading the quote. Absolutely. How unethical of him to claim Fishburne said “shit”. What a vile word. We’ll all down on Fishburne now. Yep.”

@ChrisJustice tweeted in response to Bruno and @DrBeKnows’ conversation: “The goat Morpheus really said ‘oh shit’ during a movie and you’re mad about it? He was probably really enjoying the movie, as I frequently shout expletives when I’m excited too. Not everything is that deep Ms. Yale.”

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