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28 Blooming Flower Cakes For An Artfully Delicious Way To Welcome Spring


It officially became Spring on March 20th and I bet a lot of you are ready for the leftover winter weather to be over so you can start looking forward to summer. When you think of spring, you might think or snow melting, birds singing, and, of course, flowers.

The saying does go ‘April showers bring May flowers’ as this is the time when life returns in many parts of the world.

However, if the weather isn’t quite up to par yet maybe you’d enjoy taking a look at some of these delicious buttercream cakes decorated with blooming icing flowers. These bakers are more like artists when it comes down to this delicate craft.

Each cake is colorful and unique and features an arrangement of the beautiful edible flowers that look incredibly real. I wonder how difficult it was for the person who cut the first slice of some of these masterpieces.

1. Flowers are a pretty common decoration for cake tops, but some of these bakers are taking things to the next level. Just look at all these textures.

2. An adorable cherry blossom cake. The pastel colors really give off the feeling of spring. It’s crazy to think that someone made these designs using buttercream icing.

3. Check out this flawless cake that has a small piano on top as well as an arrangement of flowers that look incredibly realistic.

4. It almost looks like a bunch of flowers growing in a pot. But it’s all edible! The wisps of green icing at the bottom kind of resembles wild grass.

5. Here’s one from a different baker. The little garnish of flowers on the side of the plate is a nice touch. That sure is a thick pile of icing.

6. Another cherry blossom cake that could be fit for a wedding. The layering of different shades of pink creates a beautiful blend of color topping the white cake.  

7. Isn’t this one is insane? It’s kind of similar to the first cake but in lighter shades. I wonder how much time and planning goes into creating these layered looks.

8. Check out these cute cupcake flowers! It kind of looks like a box of plants from a greenhouse rather than a tray of desserts, doesn’t it?

9. This one looks like it’s a cheesecake rather than a buttercream cake. But the light colors and floral decorations still make it an adorable dessert choice for the spring time.

10. This cake is so flawless it almost looks like the entire thing is made or ceramic or porcelain. The color matches the plate so perfectly that it almost looks like it could be a tea cup.

11. If the baker had added a white handle above this cake it would have looked just like a white basket of flowers. The woven white icing totally gives off that effect.

12. Doesn’t it look like you could reach down and pick one of these flowers? The amount of details in this one is intense. Just looks at the green and white dollops.

13. This color scheme would be a fitting cake for any season, but the lilac flowers in the background give off the feeling of spring.

14. It really looks like there’s a wreath of flowers laying on this cake. Buttercream is made using such a simple recipe, that it’s quite impressive to see people pulling off creations as intricate as this one.

15. They almost look like they have been sculpted using fondant or another material, but the petals and the leaves you see are all made from regular icing.

16. Check out this one that looks like it’s dripping melted wax. It’s almost as if it just rained and the color from the flowers is running down the cake.

17. It definitely takes a lot of practice to be able to master realistic looking cakes like this one. It’s probably a combination of hard work, as well as a dedication to learning.

18. This one has a few succulents added into the arrangement giving it a very natural look.

19. I wonder if people actually eat the flowers atop the cake or if they’re more for decoration. A mouthful of frosting might sound like a dream to someone with a sweet tooth, but realistically that would be quite a bit of sugar at once.

20. This one has a slightly different color scheme than the majority of the cakes on this list. The bright yellow and white really pops and kind of looks like sunshine, flower petals, and butterflies combined into one.

21. More flower cupcakes! It’s hard to tell, but it kind of looks like these cakes are red velvet which makes it look like the flowers are planted. I wonder if any of the cakes were made of chocolate. That would be very fitting!

22. Some of these cakes definitely have to be display only. This one is so intricate and detailed, how could anyone find it in them to cut and eat such a piece of art.

23. Flower cakes can be used for so many occasions in the spring from weddings, baby showers, to birthdays.

24. It really doesn’t matter the occasion though. Flower cakes are always fun to look at.

25. With so many flowers and layers, this cake looks a lot more like a bouquet than something you can eat. Would you rather receive real flowers or cake flowers as a gift?

26. Imagine if you were going on a date and they showed up with this bad boy instead of a bunch of roses that will eventually die anyway.

27. Or if your brought your date dessert, they might offer to share it with you and then you would both get to enjoy it!

28. It can be sweet and simple or intricate like this rose-topped cake that looks like the flowers are dripping with rain water. Which cake was your favorite?


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