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‘I Was Just A Blubbering Mess’: Scott Hamiltion Releases Breaking News About His Devastating Diagnosis


In life, there are bound to be things that will happen to you that can be seen as unfortunate. Whether it be losing a family member or loved one, or getting ill, there are tons of hurdles that will come up over time. Some people may find it hard to remain positive in these situations, but what if that was the key to change?

Former Olympic skater Scott Hamilton has had his fair share of successful moments winning four U.S and world championships in a row as well as taking home the gold in the 1984 Olympics. But he also experienced a great deal of trials.

Hamilton was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1997 and after battling that he suffered two brain tumors in 2004 and 2010. After thinking that was enough, he found out that the brain tumor had returned in 2016.

Rather than getting upset or scared, Hamilton decided to face it head on and ‘set the tone’ of the situation by acting positive and hopeful. And after a prayer from his wife he was ready to keep fighting. 

1. In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Hamilton met and discussed  his battle with cancer, and how he managed to maintain a positive and hopeful outlook on his future.

2. He explained that although he was initially thinking ‘Okay that’s not fair alright,’ he joked. ‘I’ve had cancer. I get a pass for a while.’

3. After the initial disappointment, Hamilton told his wife about the situation and instead of getting upset or crying, she took his hand and began to pray. Hamilton described it as a very powerful moment that ‘changed everything’ for him.

4. Hamilton explained that although he was born with the tumors, he had never been previously symptomatic when he had been skating and growing up.

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