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Bodies Of Missing California Hikers Found Locked In Embrace, Police Say

Joseph Orbeso, 21 and Rachel Nguyen, 20 went missing and were not heard from since their disappearance while walking in the Joshua Tree National Park, California back in July. This week, the bodies of the young couple were found.

According to reports, people started getting concerned after the young couple did not check out of their accommodation and their car was found near a popular trail called the Maze Loop. An extensive search was called for but failed to find any trace of the couple.

This Sunday, however, the search has come to an end. Rescue teams have found two bodies at the end of a trail of food wrappers and water bottles, according to Fox News. Though officials haven’t yet provided formal identification.

But Joseph’s father, Gilbert Orbeso, who was with searchers when they made the discovery, said that the bodies do in fact belong to his son and his girlfriend.

The father told ABC7 that they had found the couple locked in a final embrace. He also added that now the family of both couples can have closure.

He is pretty confident that these are the bodies of his son and his girlfriend and that now he has closure. Gilbert notes that their main goal was to find them and now they did.

Before the bodies were found, Gilbert turned to Facebook to make a post about the search for the bodies.

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