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Body of Missing 16-Year-Old Twin Jholie Moussa Found

The body of a missing teen has been located in the Woodlawn Neighborhood Park area of Virginia. Sixteen-year-old Jholie Moussa had been missing for nearly two weeks. After a lengthy search, the police found a body covered in leaves and debris in the Woodlawn Neighborhood Park area but weren’t able to confirm if the body was Jholie’s right away.

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Fairfax County officers confirmed the discovery happened early in the morning of January 26th. Police confirmed the death was being ruled as a homicide. Since the discovery of the body, police have also identified a person of interest in the case; a 17-year-old male whose name cannot be released due to legal reasons. 

Jholie Moussa is the twin sister of Zhane, who received a strange text the night of her sister’s disappearance saying she was heading to a party in Norfolk, which was quite a distance away from their town of Alexandria. Jholie didn’t return home, and that’s when her mother filed a missing person report that initially was not taken seriously by police, thinking Jholie may have just run away. When she didn’t return home, that’s when the search began.

According to reports, Jholie was seen using Snapchat with an unknown individual prior to her disappearance. There’s no word on whether this individual is connected with the 17-year-old male in custody. The search for Jholie proved to be very emotionally draining on her family, especially her mother, Syreeta.

Jholie MoussaFox News

A tweet sent out by the Fairfax County Police Twitter account said: We are sad to report that the body found in Woodland Park today appears to be 16-year-old Jholie Moussa. A Homicide Investigation is underway.”

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Major Richard Perez, commander of the Fairfax County police told NBCNews reporters: “The department’s efforts towards resolving this case and bringing a measure of justice for Jholie and her family continues, and will be relentless.”

Police say that friends of the teenager have not been very cooperative in helping with the investigation. The Fairfax County police are still continuing the investigation at this time.

Jholie MoussaFox News


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