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For Those Of You Born Before 1999, This List Is Completely Your Childhood

A picture is worth a thousand words, and memories will ultimately last us a lifetime. Childhood memories are precious things that we can look back on. They were the time for some good laughs and they serve as a way to think about the life we lived as a child. It also shows us how much the world around us has developed and changed.

It makes us realize how special our time was. How we were part of a particular generation, and how certain phenomena was booming. There were many fads that were trending in particular years. It gives you stories to tell to other generations and this makes you feel special.

The 90’s was a time that brought forth a lot of gadgets that no longer exist. It is like a major flashback. If you are one that was born before 1999 then get ready to recharge some nostalgia, as you will be able to relive your whole childhood through this list. All 90’s kids know that they had the best childhood. Just saying!

The all-time favorite snack to pack for lunch was none other than Dunkaroos. The popular plastic snack container had kangaroo-shaped cookies and sweet frosting. Even when you would run out of cookies, you would stick your fingers in the frosting and eat it till there was none left.


The original fidget spinner. The present fidget spinner is a lot different from the one presented in the photo (the 90’s version). But both fidget spinners maintained popularity in their separate generations. It’s no news to anybody how things continue to change. Let’s just admit it, this fidget spinner is way cooler.


You know you are a 90’s kid when you played MASH. It was the 90’s way of predicting your future that was very accurate. This was a great past time and probably one of the most played games in school

When you saw your teacher roll this into the classroom. Nothing made you happier than this and your face lite up like a Christmas tree. Even if it wasn’t a movie and just a documentary you didn’t care because that meant either getting a nap or daydreaming.

The 90’s classic childhood movies. Kid’s movies will never be the same again. The 90’s had the best childhood movies with great characters, good morals and story lines. You would watch these movies over and over and over again! These movies will forever live on.

Another all time favorite Betty Crocker snack was the fruit roll-up. Lunch or snack time during recess was the highlight reel for you. It was a food that was yummy and also fun to eat.

Elementary school kids have iPhones or Samsung’s now, but we had glue. There was nothing more thrilling than peeling the glue off your hand. Yes, 90’s kids were weird.

What all 90’s kids ate for lunch. We liked to call them witch fingers, but their official name was Bugles. The salty and crunchy snack was also fun to play with before getting eaten.

90’s kids aren’t afraid to admit that sometimes they took these like they were candy. We loved taking our vitamins and we lived a healthy lifestyle. This post might make you feel nostalgic.

Owning this pen was one of the major reasons why being a 90’s girl rocked your socks off! The ultimate trend was trying to push down every color at once. That’s right 2000’s kids we were super cool!

The bittersweet thrill of going to the park. It was great having two different types of slides that even though were bothersome, they were super fun and entertaining. Just ask any 90’s kid and they will tell you.

But we survived.

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Who could forget about the Tamagotchi? This is what the 90’s kids considered a pet. Nothing is more old school than this toy. The once trending digital pet will rekindle some nostalgia.

A word to ultimately sum up 90’s childhoods is Disney. These cups were the main reason kids enjoyed drinking juice or milk. Everything 90’s kids had added a spark of joy and fun. What kid wouldn’t want to drink in one of these cups?

enhanced-buzz-9007-1430328912-10We Know Memes

Did someone say milky pen? These gel pens were a joy to write with. The one pen that teachers hated students writing with because it was hard to read a kid’s writing. Kids also wrote on each other’s hands with these pens. Yes, parents hated these pens too!

tumblr_inline_n1mwjrz42K1r1t4tb Tumblr

Remember this setup? Come on, you remember. Why else do you think 90’s kids were such great artists! This collection of markers and things to color and paint with were like heaven. 90’s kids lived in a great time period.

Only+90+s+kids+i+loved+these+things_f1b913_3536964Funny Junk

The show and movie that got 90’s kids glued to the television. The Rugrats were a strange and fun group of cartoon characters. Slipping this tape into the VCR kept us entertained. Does anyone else miss the Rugrats and VCR’s?


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