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20-year-old Man Has A Lot To Say After Boss Tells Him To Take Off His Makeup

We are living in a time where diversity is embraced rather than discriminated against. More people are becoming comfortable with who they are and they’re not afraid to show it to the public. They are confident in their own skin.

Of course, not everyone has adjusted to this new way of seeing things and a recent incident has created a bit of an uproar in the Twitter world. It involves a 20-year-old employee named Scott Laplanche from Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Laplanche is a male shop worker who was criticized by his bosses for wearing too much makeup. According to the Independent, his employer, Curry’s PC World, insisted that this whole situation was just a store-level misunderstanding. 

The company also added that they are actually “proud of its diverse workforce.” But Laplanche’s story is a little different.

The 20-year-old noted that he was asked to remove his makeup and believes the request was discriminatory because his female colleagues “wear more makeup than he does.”

According to Independent, Laplanche had worked at the store for around 9 months and was never told to take off his makeup before.

However, he added that it was the new management that told him to completely take off his makeup. Laplanche then refused and they told him to “tone it down.”

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