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Cop Offers To Help Mom And Daughter After They Miss Train, But After A Long Drive—Mom Is Suspicious

Kori Malenfant and her mother, Wendi, were traveling home from New York to Portland, Maine when they became stuck at a Boston train station. Kori had just had brain surgery and was in no shape to wait the two hours for the next train in the cold unaccommodating train station. Wendi and Kori found two members of the Boston Police Department to ask for help.

Wendi asked the on-duty officers if she could at the very least store their luggage somewhere so they could wait for the train somewhere warmer and more comfortable. The officers asked Captain Kelley McCormick if there was anything they could do. Luckily for the Malenfants, Captain McCormick was more than willing to help.

The Boston Police Department Captain loaded their belongings into an unmarked police SUV. He told them he would give them a ride around the city while they waited for their train. However, it wasn’t long before Captain Kelley McCormick had pulled onto the highway. Wendi inquired where the captain was taking them.

According to a Facebook post from Kori Malenfant, Captain McCormick “laughed and said he was kidnapping [them] and that it was perfectly legal.” Eventually, Kori and her mother realized that the Boston Police Department captain wasn’t just driving them around to get warm; he was driving them all the way back to Portland, Maine.

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