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Her Boyfriend Asked Her To Illustrate Their Relationship And She Did Not Disappoint


If there’s one thing in life that’s pure and wholesome, it’s love. Especially young love. When Catana Chetwynd started illustrating her relationship with her boyfriend of two years, she had no idea how popular and relatable it was going to be.

Each of her adorable comics features real life situations she’s experienced with her boyfriend John. He encouraged Catana from the beginning, giving her the idea to illustrate their relationship using simple comic strips.

On top of that, Catana has always loved comics such as Calvin and Hobbes and Get Fuzzy so she decided to start the strip on long-term relationships.

When she first started, the couple had only been dating for a year and weren’t living together yet. Now that they’ve been through moving in together, meeting the parents and more you can see the development in the comics.

Catana’s comics are drawn in a simple style but still manage to illustrate specific moments that have happened in her long-term relationship. Like this one where she gets a ‘random’ massage. This is one of the first comics in the series. 

The honesty makes the comics wholesome and relatable, while still serving as a documentation of her relationship with her boyfriend John Freed.

It illustrates how being in love is more than holding hands and kissing. Sometimes it’s the little things like coming home after a long hard day and being able to relax with your special someone.

Catana also likes to show the differences between things that happened in the early stages of their relationship, compared to the way it is now after having been together for two years and moving in together.

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