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10 Brain Itching IQs And Riddles With Answers For Kids And All

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Exercise is important to keep our body healthy and strong. There are several different ways to get exercise. Whether you go out for a run or take dance lessons, it’s always important to remember to fit in some physical activity to keep your muscles healthy. The same things needs to be done for the mind. There are many ways to exercise the brain including

  • Memory games,
  • Crosswords and other puzzles,
  • IQ Tests.

A quick way to keep the brain sharp and the gears turning is to answer some quick IQ questions now and again. They’re a fun way to get yourself thinking and to stretch out the muscles in the brain.

Here is a list of ten IQ questions that will be sure to stump you. See if you can get them all right! The first bit of text will be the question and the answer will follow. Don’t look ahead or you’ll be cheating!

1. Question: What do you call a bear that doesn’t have any ears?

Answer: The correct answer is a ‘B’. Get it? If you take ‘-ear’ away from ‘Bear’ it becomes just ‘B’.

2. Question: Which of the following statements is correct ‘9 and 5 is thirteen’ or ‘9 and 5 are 13’?

Answer: Neither of them are correct. 9 and 5 is 14. You may have been thrown off by the wording or perhaps you thought this was a question about grammar.

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