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Photos Showing The Evolution Of Brendan Fraser


Brenden Fraser is a beloved actor Hollywood who has not had as much visibility in the last couple years as he once did. People know him from movies like:

  • George of the Jungle
  • Inkheart
  • The Mummy trilogy

He has been acting since 1991 but people really started to know his name and face after his hit role in George of the Jungle in 1997.

George of the Jungle did really which propelled Fraser into starring in other hit movies such as The Mummy trilogy. Let’s take a look at some of his most popular roles and what he looks like today!

Brenden starred in the super successful movie George of the Jungle in 1997. Do you remember his gorgeous look and toned body from the movie?


He starred alongside Leslie Mann and for those of you who have not seen the movie, it was a different version of Tarzan. There is a cartoon series it is based on, George is a man raised by apes and living in the Jungle.


The Mummy is one of the best action movie trilogies and when Brenden was starring in them he was one of the top paid actors in Hollywood.


Here is a photo from his funny movie Dudley Do-Right as the good intentioned but inept Canadian mountie. Sarah Jessica Parker acted in the movie with him.


This is a recent photo of Brendan and he looks like he has barely aged! We wonder what his secret is to still looking so young.


When he finished filming the super successful Mummy franchise he starred in Journey to the Center of the Earth in 2008.


He also starred in the movie adaptation of Inkheart which is based off a popular children’s novel. He played a character who had the ability to bring characters out of their books and into real life.


The most recent thing he has acted in, is the successful TV miniseries Texas Rising. His character was a Texas Ranger named Billy Anderson.


Brenden Fraser fans rejoice because the actor will be in two movies coming out this year! Beyond the Curtain of Night and The Field.


Brenden’s popular franchise The Mummy is being rebooted but this time it will have Tom Cruise at the helm. Fans would go crazy though if Brenden made an appearance in it.


The Mummy reboot is set to be released in 2017 and this time the mummy will be an ancient Queen entombed in a crypt deep in the desert and when she is released, she is very very angry.


Brenden is a great actor that has brought audiences a lot of joy and action over the years, here is hoping we get to see more of him back on the big screen!



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