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16 Brides Who Should Have Said No To The Dress


Weddings are a very exciting time in life. It’s a celebration of love and life, and the joining of two families. There are several traditions that are apart of a wedding and they vary by culture, but one of the most important elements of the wedding is the bride’s dress.

Every bride deserves to look and feel beautiful on their special day, and she should be able to choose whatever dress she desires. Finding the right wedding dress is an indescribable feeling and there are so many styles and options to pick from.

Some wedding dresses are extravagant and gown-like, whereas others are on the simpler side.  And then there are those wedding dresses that may have a few people raising their eyebrows.

Whether they’re too short, have weird patterns, or are too revealing—the internet has a ton of wedding dresses that probably should have been rejects. Here is a list of 16 dresses that the bride should have said “no” to.

1. Villain Bride: Veils are a pretty standard tradition for brides to wear. They are usually fastened at the top of the bride’s head with a sheer lace covering her face until the kiss. This bride took it a bit too far with this veil looking more like a mask. It almost makes her look a bit scary.

2. Clashing: Switching up the traditional white gown is totally okay, but this combination of colors and patterns is just tacky. It doesn’t help that her hat has a matching pattern and giant feather sticking out of it.

3. Overkill: Every bride wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day, but there comes a point where the volume of the gown just becomes impractical. Sure this woman looks like she could have walked out of a Disney film, but it doesn’t look like it would be too easy to sit down or even get around.

4. Wrong Occasion: There are ways to show off a little bit of skin and be classy, and then there are dresses like this. The V-shaped slits on her stomach go down a little too low making the tops half of this gown look more like lingerie.

5. Frills: This bride sure looks happy as she prepares to tie the knot. At least she seems to like her dress because because from the frilled sleeves and super long trail, it’s a bit over the top.

6. Shoulder Pads: The thick twisted fabric is already a bit questionable, and then your attention can be brought to the balloon shoulder pads that fold over her chest. Not too sure what the reasoning behind this is but at least she looks happy.

7. This Dress is on Fire: Some dresses could have been really beautiful but one little stylistic clash can ruin the whole thing. Like this gown that would have been great if it was all white. Why the array of fiery colored ruffles at the bottom?

8. Lampshade: It looks like this bide is getting married on the beach, wouldn’t this cone shaped dress be extremely hot? Not to mention the giant hat and arm warmers.

9. Edible Dress: This Ukrainian pastry chef made his bride a wedding dress out of cream puffs that had been caramelized together. This was probably so difficult to get around in, one wrong move could cause the ‘dress’ to break.

10. Seriously?: Whoever styled this couldn’t have actually thought that a bride might chose this for her special day. This outfit is a better fit for the wedding night, not the wedding ceremony.

11. Work in Progress: Is this dress finished? The gaps and lack of fabric make it look like either this bride just got into an insane fight, or that her dress is incomplete.

12. Pink Puff: Another example of overkill. Not only is this bride wearing a larger than life pink gown that looks like it would barely fit into the carriage in the background, but she is also wearing an obnoxiously large tiara.

13. Casual: Not even sure if this can be considered a wedding dress. If she took off the veil and garter, you probably wouldn’t even think that she was about to be getting married.

14. Online Disaster: Sometimes the problem doesn’t stem from the bride’s decision and instead might be an online shopping error. Such as this bride who tried to order a beautiful white gown with lacy sheer sleeves and ended up with this green nightmare.

15. Orange Overload: Some brides like to have color themes at their wedding, but this is just excessive. From the orange veil on the back of the giant crown, to the swirling orange flowers, this whole thing is too much. What’s even worse is the fact that her husband is also decked out in a jarring orange suit.

16. Too much skin: Aren’t these women embarrassed to go in front of their families in such minimal and non traditional clothing? Sure, every bride should be able to wear what she wants but some of these dresses just look like they’re at the wrong occasion.


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