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Twelve Brilliant Makeup Tricks For Hooded Eyes


Makeup trends have taken the internet by storm lately, and everyone has been getting super creative with their eye shadow looks. However, for those of you with hooded eyes, you’ll understand how frustrating it can be to figure out techniques that work.

Eyeliner smudges and you don’t have that defined crease or as much lid space to work eyeshadows into. However, achieving a mainstream makeup look is actually easier than you might have thought before!

Just because your eyes are shaped differently than those with unhooded eyes, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to enhance and accentuate them.

Here are 12 makeup tips for those of you with hooded eyes. Although some of the intricate looks online might not work for your eyes, these tips will help you learn to love your eyes.

1. Primer: Investing in a good primer is the first step you’re going to want to take. Hooded eyes have a crease and this can cause transferring of color. The primer will help you to avoid that.

2. Matte Eyeshadow: Using matte shades with help to create the illusion that your eyes have more depth.

3. Highlight: Apply a bit of highlight to the inner corner of your eye. This will help to lift the hood. The more shimmery the better.

4. Application: It’s best to apply your makeup with your eyes open, this way you can easily find where your natural crease is supposed to be.

5. Wing it: Always wing your eyeliner. This extended tip adds length to your eye and also helps to give the eyes shape.

6. Set it: To prevent your eyeliner from smudging or transferring when you open your eyes, set it using a black shadow or powder.

7. Create a ‘Cut Crease’: You can find several tutorials online on how to achieve this look. Basically, it fakes a higher fold in the eye and can help transform any hooded eye.

8. Lashes: Using falsies or an eyelash curler combined with waterproof mascara can also do wonders for hooded eyes. Long thick lashes really open and enlarge the eye.

9. Pluck: To open up the space between your eye and your eyebrow, make sure to pluck away all that additional hair to increase the lid space. 

10. Bold: Use bold bright colors to make your eyes pop. If you’re using a pencil liner, make sure to over line your eyes so that the color shows when your eyes are open.

11. Cat eye: This look is a quick fix but also one of the biggest struggles for hooded eyes. To make it easier, make the first line with your eye open, stopping at the fold. Then gently lift your eye to extend the wing before going over it with liquid liner.

12. Bold it up: If you’re still having issues, you can go for a more intense or edgier wing, or try going for a smokey eye. 


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