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What Happens When Identical Brothers Marry Identical Twin Sisters?


Modern evolution has dictated that humans will do whatever possible to optimize the chances of passing on their genetic information. On a primal level, health, longevity and genetic capability all play an essential role in finding a mate, but on a more modern level, social skills, status, and knowledge may be just as important. When the stars do align and the ‘other half’ is successfully found, then a family is born and life is created.

Whereas some parents may have a gender preference, what is most important is the growth and development of a healthy and functional baby.

But what are the chances of having identical twins who grow up to marry another pair of identical twins? Read on to find out.

Doug and Phil Malm are from Moscow, Idaho. They are a pair of identical twins who have been married to identical twins Jena and Jill Lassen for over 24 years now!


In 2013, studies in the United States illustrated that approximately three births out of every 100 were twins.


Moreover, approximately 1 birth in every 837 is a triplet or more. The twin birth rate has risen by nearly 76 per cent since 1980 and has stayed steady since.


The married couples first met at a 1991 Twin Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. Funnily enough, the four of them attended the festival a year prior but it wasn’t until 1991 that they met.


Jena, who is now 50 years old, said in an interview that their first encounter was unique.  ‘We finally came to these guys and we were like ‘do you know anything about this red light on this camera?’


They responded by saying: ‘no but we can help you and see what we can do.’ Who knew this casual question would spark the beginning of a decades-long marriage?


Jena recalls that later that night she and her sister couldn’t stop thinking of the twin brothers and that something was ‘biting’ at them.


‘Later on that evening, Jill and I were in our hotel room and we were like we have to find these gentlemen because they were neat and something was biting us and we needed to see them.’


So that is exactly what they did. The twin sisters found the brothers the next day and spent the majority of the day with each other. This would eventually place them in a very niche category. It is estimated that there are only 250 married twin couples in the whole world!


At the time of their first unofficial double date, the brothers were 34 and the sisters were 24.


Although the four of them stayed in touch via telephone, it wasn’t until a lucky lottery win that sparked the romance and subsequent relationships.


When Doug scored on a lottery ticket that won him a cruise to the Caribbean, he and his brother chose to bring the Lassen sisters along for the vacation.


What is interesting to note is that since the four of them did most of their communicating via the telephone, the brothers were unsure which of the two sisters they were actually interested in.


According to the brothers, this led to a tumultuous first date as they were unsure who they had spoken to. But with some ingenuity, they placed the decision-making on the girls.


‘Not knowing which was Jena and not sure which I was talking to, we got to their hotel door and looked them straight in the face and told them ‘pick one and don’t be changing.’


Keeping with tradition, The Malms proposed at a 1992 Twin Days event. This was during a twin look-a-like competition which sounds kind of redundant to me at least.


Phil ended up getting married to Jena and Doug married Jill. The couples insist that their choices were meant to be since it couldn’t have worked out any other way.


According to the couples, Phil and Jena are the ‘organized twins’ while Jill and Doug are the more relaxed ones.


‘Like Phil and I are the more organized twins whereas Jill and Doug are the more laid back twins. We just work really well together.’ The four then got married a year later at…you guessed it! Twin Days!


Not only have the four of them been married for over 25 years and share many activities and hobbies together, they also all live under the same roof.


Doug and Jill have a daughter in Rylie who is 19 years old while Phil and Jena have an 18-year-old son named Tim. It’s quite surprising to see that neither of the couples ended up having their own twins!


Even though Rylie and Tim are technically cousins, they have always lived in the same house as siblings.

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Something that the families think is essential to keeping them together is the sharing of meals.


“One thing about our family is that we always eat dinner together. No matter where we are at we have always sat down for dinner.”



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