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Indian Illustrator Hilariously Captures What It’s Like Growing Up In An Indian Family

Does your family have some strange behaviors? Maybe they’re superstitious, or maybe they made some strange house rules that you didn’t totally understand. As author Sailesh Gopalan shows in his relatable webcomics, title Brown Paperbag Comics, growing up in an Indian family has its own challenges.

There are many cultural differences in India that most of us probably wouldn’t even think about, but that doesn’t mean that family life has to be totally different. Parents still don’t always understand their kids, kids don’t always behave themselves, and everyday life is usually more complicated than it seems.

Sailesh Gopalan shows that even though his family lives in India, they are not that much different from a family anywhere else in the world. Sometimes the jokes in Brown Paperbag Comics are pretty specific to the country where Gopalan grew up, but most of us can relate to how he and his family live their daily lives.

Sometimes there’s a disconnect between the older and younger generations, where older people will judge young people for things they did in their youth.

No matter how hard you try, you’ll probably never be able to get your parents to be as tech savvy as you may be.

Genes can be really terrible sometimes, especially when you aren’t inheriting the thing you want, like a big, manly beard.

As a student, you’re always looking forward to the summer and making plans for all the fun stuff you want to do. Then it just gets way too hot.

Parents sometimes like to cherry pick the times you’re being disobedient. It never seems fair, but then again most of childhood isn’t really fair.

Anyone who’s taken a test in school knows what it’s like: you get distracted, tired, bored, then you have to do the whole thing in five minutes.

Dads can be pretty clueless sometimes, but they work so hard! They just want to be able to sit in their underwear in their own house.

Brown Paperbag

If you were a really smart kid growing up, then you knew how to divert blame from yourself at any opportunity. Sometimes Dad had to take that hit.

Brown Paperbag

No one thinks they need their mom as much when they get older, but the truth is you need her more than you think.

Everyone has that one friend who just thinks they’re so cool. Little do they know that they’re going to look back at themselves and be so embarrassed.

Once you’re out of school and working a full-time job, it can seem like a lot of responsibility, but at least the weekend is just the weekend.

Families can have all kinds of weird superstitions, but you might not always believe them. Then one day, before you know it…


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