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Millie Bobby Brown’s Shoes At The SAG Awards Totally Break The Red Carpet Fashion Rules


Ladies, be honest. When you are getting all dolled up for a night out, with a beautiful fancy gown, how bad do you want to wear your sneakers? I mean, you wear your 4-inch heels but as soon as you slip them on, how bad do you wish they were your sneakers?

Well, Millie Bobby Brown did exactly what we all secretly want to do. It’s no secret that the entire cast of “Stranger Things” knows how to rock the red carpet during award season. Millie Bobby Brown’s 2018 SAG Awards look is proof of that. This year at the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet, Brown, once again, rocked her outfit, only this time she put a little footwear twist.

Millie has managed to kill every single one of her looks so far during awards season. At the Golden Globes that happened earlier this month, Brown wore a gorgeous black dress that had a deep cut back. Her hair was completely pulled back in a bun. But at the SAG awards, Brown decided to rock a pair of sneakers. Converse to be more specific.

Sure, you wouldn’t pair Converse with a gorgeous dress on a red carpet but this girl completely rocked it. In fact, she pulled it off so well, people are wanting to copy this look for their own wardrobe.

The “Stranger Things” star decided to match a classic, white, low-top converse with a baby pink, glittery gown. The shoes were also on full display, because her gown was short, stopping just a little bit before her knee.

She kept her look more on the formal side, with a train attached to the back of the gown. So she managed to rock a comfortable look with a more formal look. That’s what we should all learn from the young star. Comfortable meets formal.

Millie even managed to do something pretty fun with her hair, still keeping it looking classy. She decided to sleek back her hair, styling it into to high buns. She then topped those buns with adorable black ribbons. This hairstyle worked even better with her dress and sneakers, making her look classy.

The night before the red carpet, Brown tweeted that she never wore pink before and decided to go full out with it! Not only did she wear an all-pink dress covered in glitter sequins, but she also rocked soft pink nails. Honestly, most of us wouldn’t choose Converse with this outfit, but it was the right choice for Millie.

One of the best things about this look that Millie completely rocked is that us regular people can easily steal the style. Converse are pretty affordable sneakers and they are EVERYWHERE. So the next time you have an event and HAVE to wear a dress, don’t be afraid to rock a pair of converse with it. I mean, Millie did it!

Fans were all for her look, supporting the Converse style. Millie also did a classy makeup look, doing a pop of color for her eyeshadow. It kept the look looking effortless but gorgeous all at the same time. As if she wasn’t already a red carpet darling, she just won even more points for her look and people are falling even more in love.

Brown is nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series, and while only time will tell if she will win, she already won the red carpet with her white converse. Everything about this look is perfect and deserves to go down in red carpet history. Good job Millie!

Daily Mail


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