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Bruce Lee – The Father Of MMA?

Trumping boxing as the most watched full-contact sport in the world, Mixed Martial Arts is a combat sport that utilizes striking and grappling techniques. While undoubtedly brutal, the sport’s origins are not entirely clear but one name comes to mind, Bruce Lee.

The Hong Kong martial artist Bruce Lee is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential martial artists of all time. While his career did take many different roles, he is often praised for his acting in action films.

Bruce Lee founded the fighting style Jeet Kune Do which is similar to the modern practice of Mixed Martial Arts. Due to this, many consider Jeet Kune Do to be the forerunner for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Watching the video of Bruce Lee in action, his talent is undeniable and his work is still idolized by many today. Today, Mixed Martial Arts is most popular in form of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC president Dana White has considered Bruce to be the ‘father of mixed martial arts’.

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