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16 People Respond To Their Ex With These Brutal Texts

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What could be more satisfying than your ex sliding into your text messages? What about your ex sliding into your text messages with the intent of trying to win you back and failing terribly?

While some might find annoying the idea of their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend trying to contact them, others are happy to have the opportunity to give their exes a piece of their mind!

If you are ever graced with the opportunity to tell your ex where to go long after you’re over them, here are a couple of ideas on how to shut them down. Closure is just over the horizon!

If your ex ever texts you to say they’re still in love with you, what better way to close that door for good than by telling them who you really love – you!

If you’re one of those people who finds exes texting you extremely annoying, send them back an annoying picture over and over… and over again. Now you’re even.

Sometimes it’s better to just get to the point. Cut off those lines of communication for good!

Tell them how you really feel! This person got heated after their ex texted them because they wanted “to cuddle.” No thank you!

One person decided to keep their ex guessing by not responding for a week. Their excuse? They were in the shower! LOL!

What better way to show your look of pure disgust through a text message than sending them a super funny picture of Jay-Z’s face.

One mom literally said “Not today, Satan” after a creepy ex texted her to wish her a happy birthday. You’d think that would scare them off.

One Twitter user shared this text message she got from an ex comparing her to Elaine on Seinfeld. Because Elaine is known for her wacky behavior on the show we’re not sure this was meant to be a compliment. But any comparison to Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a compliment in our eyes.

Sometimes you get a text from an ex trying to win you back, and sometimes you get a text from an ex that’s just savage. One Twitter user laughed off a text that was just plain mean when her ex sent her an unflattering message about her appearance. We rate him 0/10.

One ex got shut down when they sent this text: “You love me. You want me” and their ex clapped back with “In a coffin.” Ouch.

What’s the best way to get out of texting back your ex? Tell them you’re dead.

This is how you kill someone’s resolve. Not with an elaborate, multi-paragraph text, but with a simple “Nope.”

#ex #exxxactly #nope #gtfoh #extext #bye #aintfallingforit ✌

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Nothing like a little ego boost to get you through the day, but this person made it clear to their ex, aka “WASTE OF TIME,” that they don’t need their compliments anyway.

But thanks for reminding me that YOU know

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It looks like this ex tried to save themselves the embarrassment and blame their too little, too late text message on a friend. We’re not buying it.

Suuuuuuuuure he did. Suuuuuure

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Here’s another classic strategy to deal with an unwanted ex’s text. And with that, the conversation is officially over. No one cares about an ex’s day!

And if none of these hilarious responses work for you, just go with good old-fashioned silence. It works every time. We promise.


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