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Cyber Bully Mocks Dancing Man’s Weight, But Insults Completely Backfire

Bullying has long been a major issue in society, and more prominently since the introduction of social media. It has affected an endless amount people for generations now and has unfortunately resulted in claiming the lives of many who have been victimized by this merciless act. Fortunately, there are those who come together to take a stand against this crime, preventing the further pain that targeted individuals unfortunately withstand. A bullied dancing man got the star treatment he deserved, after receiving the attention of the public following a hurtful post by a stranger.


bullied dancing man receives star treatmentImgur

Sean O’Brien, a 48-year-old England native, is the focus of a heartwarming story that began with an unexpected, insulting photo by an onlooker at a show. Dancing away joyfully and innocently, his photo was captured and posted online, with the caption “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.” The picture shows the evidential contrast between the moment he boogied in confidence and the realization of when he was photographed. Bowing his head down in embarrassment, Sean brought his dancing to a halt, in obvious dismay and disappointment.

What followed this hurtful situation was nothing short of special. The photo found the attention of a group of women from Los Angeles, whom among them was social activist Cassandra Fairbanks. Immediately wanting to step in and take action, Cassandra tweeted out “We would like to fly him out to LA for a VIP dance party with the coolest and most awesome ladies in LA, please help.”

Among the wave of responses and reactions that this triggered, were celebrities who wanted to join the call to action. Before he knew it, the entire west coast was trying to locate him and give him the recognition that he truly deserves. Flying out to California, what would transpire was something out of a dream for the inspiring dancing man.

bullied dancing man receives star treatmentImgur

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