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‘Camo Couple’ Wants A Makeover Before Their Wedding, Rachael Is Shocked When They Display New Look

When people get makeovers, they make you realize how a simple haircut and makeup can go a long way. Add a style change, and you got yourself an entirely new person. That’s why people love watching others get makeovers; the transformation is just amazing. It also helps people gain confidence and truly change their life for the better. It makes your work life better, family life better and relationships a whole lot better.

There are those women who get their hair cut or dyed and their partner won’t really notice. But then there are those women who can do a drastic hair change and look like an entirely new woman. On the latest episode of The Rachael Ray Show, she decided to help a couple out by giving them a makeover before their wedding.

This engaged couple got a little too comfy with each other and completely neglected the way they look. Not to say they look bad, but there’s always room for change, right? Stacy and Brandon met Rachael and Stacy revealed how her appearance started to make her feel.

In the video, Stacy notes that “I don’t feel like I look bad, I just feel like I look…blah.” When you watch the video, you’ll judge for yourself what you think about this couple’s style choice. They were dubbed the “camo couple,” having their camo wardrobes fit perfectly with their lifestyle.

The couple are truly your typical outdoor couple. Both Brandon and Stacy enjoy hunting and fishing, so it’s not wonder that their wardrobe is pretty spot on for just that. They are happy with their life and how they look but then something clicked in Brandon’s mind.

After getting engaged, Brandon thought that maybe it would be a nice thing to get a little makeover. In the video, the groom-to-be admits that he is willing to part with his long-loved beard before marrying the love of his life in the spring!

With the help of stylist Kyan Douglas, Rachel Ray came to the rescue. When you see the video you won’t believe this drastic transformation! When Stacey and Brandon’s makeover was revealed, Rachael Ray fully dropped to the floor! They don’t look like the same people at all! You can watch the video of their transformation below.


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