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Can You Pass This Spelling Test That 90% Of People Fail?


Are you a spelling bee wiz? Would you consider yourself a wordsmith and a master of words? More importantly, have you ever won or even participated in a spelling bee?

If you like to consider yourself a master of all that is spelling, you might want to try out this difficult spelling test that most people are failing. Remember, no cheating, no Googling, and definitely no use of the dictionary while completing this test. If you’re as good as you think you are, you should have no trouble at all passing this spelling test. And if you don’t pass…well, don’t worry, no one has to know.

Just be aware that most people fail this test, and you may or may not be headed straight for defeat. Here are the 8 questions!

1. Lots of people get this word wrong. Heck, even as a writer I sometimes have to double check how I spell this word. Definatley or definitely. What do you think?


The answer to this is definitely. You definitely didn’t get that wrong, did you?


2. How commited (or is it committed?) are you to passing this spelling test?


If you spelled committed with two m’s and two t’s, it looks like you’re on the right track.


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