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Carjackers Dropped Boy Off, Wishing Him A Good Day At School

In Chicago this week, car thieves stole a vehicle with a 10-year-old boy waiting in the back seat. The thieves jumped into the front seat of the running car and drove off before realizing the boy was still inside. Once they realized he was there, they dropped him off and apparently told him to have a good day at school.”  

Young Richard Rodriguez says he was attempting to unlock the car for who he thought was his mother when a young woman and accomplice jumped into the front seat and drove away. Scared, Rodriguez remained silent in the back seat until they noticed him. “I was scared but I didn’t want the girl to see me. I was afraid I was going to get hurt,” said Rodriguez to NBC news, an understandable thought for the young boy.


Apparently while driving over 50mph down residential streets, the two thieves turned and realized Rodriguez was there. It’s then that they pulled over and told him to “get off, fast, fast from the car,” before seeing his backpack. The addition of “have a good day at school” was what stuck out even to the young boy, shocked that they would think of his well-being.

The Chicago police say that the car was stolen just before 6 AM on January 24th, and that Rodriguez was dropped off just over four blocks away. The boy was returned home safely later that morning.

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