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16 Cartoon Characters That Were Encountered In Real Life

When we watch cartoon films, we don’t really think about the fact that there are people out there who actually look like characters in the film. I mean, growing up watching Cinderella, it never popped into your mind that there could be someone out there who actually could look like your favorite princess.

But believe it or not, there are real-life people who look like Moana or Elsa from Frozen. We don’t know if it’s life imitating art or vice versa but regardless, it’s pretty shocking. Just imagine, walking down the street and seeing someone who looks exactly like a character you just saw on TV.

If you don’t believe these people exist, check out these 16 people who look a lot like cartoon characters. Whether it’s just their face that looks exactly like them or the way they dress, they still look EXACTLY like the cartoons you see on TV. Next time you go out, keep an eye out…you just might find them!

1. Elsa? Is that you? This girl probably didn’t know she looked like Elsa herself! Imagine going to Best Buy, and seeing a massive poster of a Disney Princess and realizing you look like her. I mean, that’s a dream for a lot of us Disney fans. Even the facial expression is identical!

2. Okay, be honest. If you went on that bus and saw this old lady, would you have thought right away it was the old lady from Looney Tunes? I mean everything from the hair, the outfit, even the chin look IDENTICAL! That would make my day if I saw that.

3. Pixar’s “Up” movie warmed all of our hearts. It was so adorable and emotional all at the same time. If I saw this old man that looks a lot like the old man from the film, I’d be so tempted to just give him a hug. Wonder if he got those glasses after seeing the film.

4. If there’s an old man from up, there has to be a Russell from Up! And look at that, there is. This little kid probably already knew he had similar features to the adorable cartoon character. Dressing up like him definitely added to the entire look. So cute!

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