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24 Comics That Are A Harsh Commentary About Our World

The modern world can be a very confusing and scary place. Often there is so much going on and so much being reported in the 24-hour news cycle that it’s hard to keep up. People have pacified themselves with social media and other distractions, but unfortunately, it has become harder to get away from all the societal ills we experience every day.

Dran, an artist who is also known as the French Banksy, illustrates these problems in his artwork. His cartoons criticize society and what he feels are the things that are holding all of us back. One of his main thesis statements in his work is that art is still meaningful and should have a place in our lives.

These 24  works by Dran illustrate how we see the world, and what we may be missing when we are not looking close enough. Society can’t change unless we are willing to change it.

1) TV becomes our window to the world: It’s easy to get lost in the things that entertain us. Whether that’s a TV show or a sporting event, we can get sucked in so easily that we don’t pay attention to what is going on in the rest of the world.

2) Staying in touch but never touching: Technology has brought us closer together in some ways, but it has also been pushing us apart in others. Sure, we can transmit our thoughts and communicate instantly, but what if our communication is suffering because of that? What are we really saying to each other?

3) Kids with the weight of the world on their shoulders: There’s more pressure than ever on kids to succeed, and the world is not making it easy for them. They are so aware of everything that is going on around them and it sometimes seems that they have no way to escape from it.

4) Telling the truth can be hazardous to your health: In an age where people are becoming more aware of the problems in society, it seems harder to talk about those issues in art without being criticized or silenced. The worst part is not the authoritarianism of governments, but the complacency of audiences.

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