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16 Cases Of Chicken Shaming That Show They’re Just As Entertaining As Dogs


Everyone loves their pets. Whether it be a dog, cat, lizard, or rabbit, every pet owner treats their furry or scaly friend like a child. Although most of you only think of chickens in terms of dinner, there are actually a ton of people who keep them as pets, or who raise them on farms to collect their eggs. And just like every other pet owner, there are good times and then there are the not-so-good times.

You’ve heard of pet shaming, right? When owners take a photo of their pet besides a sign that reads something naughty they’ve done or putting them on blast for eating something yucky.

Pet shaming is no longer reserved for dogs and cats, chicken owners everywhere are posting their chicken shaming and they are hilarious.

Here are 16 cases of chicken shaming that will prove that they are just as smart and entertaining as a dog or a cat.

1. Starting off with a naughty chicken who ate his owner’s notes and power bill! It must have been one hungry bird.

2. It looks like chickens will eat pretty much anything. This one seems to have an appetite for cat droppings. That’s pretty gross. Why do people keep chickens as pets again?

3. A bird chasing a cat? Never thought that would happen. I wonder if the kitties fight back or run away and hide.

4. Yikes! The look on this chicken’s face is deadly. He really does look guilty of attacking an innocent rabbit.

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