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Picture Of Cat With Seriously Long Legs Has The Internet Laughing And Leaving Funny Comments

There is literally nothing better than a feel-good cat story. Quenda, a cat that was found without any collar or indication that she had an owner was found earlier this year, which isn’t exactly news right? Wrong. This cat has become internet famous after a photo of her was shared on the Facebook page of the animal shelter that found her.

Cat Haven WA, is a cat welfare organization that is based in Western Australia. According to their Facebook post, this beauty was found without a collar or a microchip. She was also found pregnant with kittens of her own. The post reads: “Hello, I’m Quenda =) I’m a teeny tiny little thing! They say it’s because I started having kittens when I was just a kitten myself! I’m 2 years old now.”

It continues, “I’ve only just weaned my last babies, and now I’m finally sterilized and ready to find a loving family =) I’m so sweet and friendly—I love pats and attention and I love to smooch you. I must have had a family at some stage, but when I came into rescue with my kittens I had no collar with ID and no microchip, so they couldn’t call anyone to say we were ok!”

The page goes on to explain that once the furry feline was found, the organization sterilized, vaccinated, and microchipped her. People flipped out when they saw the photo and it was shared over a thousand times on Facebook and even more on Twitter and Reddit. Everyone fell in love, and how could you not? This cat has legs that rival those of a Victoria’s Secret model.

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