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16 Celeb Lookalikes That Are Hard To Tell Apart


Celebrities are in the spotlight not only because of their talents in movies, television shows or in music but also because they are generally very good looking. That’s why many fans either want to be like them or be with them.

People have gone to some absurd lengths to look like their favorite celebs but some individuals are just genetically gifted to look like an A-list celeb!

Here are 16 pictures of people who look a lot like some celebrities.

The dude on the right is Johannes Laschet. He is a law student and a fashion blogger from Germany. As we can all tell, his resemblance to Ryan Gosling is startling, to say the least and many attribute his fame and success to this resemblance.

15433860-2982060-2-0-1501747648-1501747710-650-1-1501747710-650-9f99f96326-1502270638© Johannes Laschet ©

Charlotte Tighe is largely regarded as Audrey Hepburn’s doppelganger. Her penchant for nostalgic and retro outfits just make her look more like Audrey Hepburn.

15433810-2982160-1-0-1501747720-1501747725-650-1-1501747725-650-1069a7f39d-1502270638© Charlotte © Paramount Pictures

When Jacky Vasquez rocks Ariana Grande’s signature high ponytail, her resemblance to the pop singer is almost uncanny. She says she regularly gets mistaken for Ariana and fans have even stopped her to ask for an autograph!

15433760-2982260-3-0-1501747734-1501747738-650-1-1501747738-650-10e63a6711-1502270638© Jacky Vasquez © Ariana Grande

This young lady is Francesca Brown. She hopes that her similar appearance to Katy Perry will help her launch her career into acting.

15433710-2982610-6-0-1501747777-1501747781-650-1-1501747781-650-701ed6a69b-1502270638© francesca_brown ©

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