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24 Touching Stories About Celebrities Being Great People In Public


Celebrities: they’re just like us, even if that’s a little hard to remember at times. But it is important to remember that and it’s important not to idolize them too much in fear of forgetting that they are regular human beings.

There’s nothing worse than finding out that one of your favorite celebrities is actually a bad person or has done bad things, but that’s even more reason not to hold them up on a pedestal and believe them to be superhuman or something.

Naturally, I think we have a habit of making our celebrities seem bigger and more important than they really are, but it’s not like they’re that important or have jobs that are determining the fate of human life as we know it.

Still, it’s always nice to hear that our favorite celebrities have gone the ‘extra mile’ in public and shown that they are genuinely good people just like we want them to be. In this article, we’re listing 25 of the most heartwarming stories of celebrities in public!

The first story is by Reddit user Therealittysprinkle. They recall meeting Jennifer Aniston with this tale: “When my brother and I were young, we used to act and our parents would take us to auditions. My brother got a tiny part in Bruce Almighty and we got to go on set and wander about. My brother wanted to meet Jennifer Aniston, so he asked around and finally got a hold of her. We had lunch with her on set and she was such an amazing, down to earth person. She wasn’t stuck up and didn’t act like a big shot. Needless to say, it was the coolest lunch ever.”

“James Franco was doing a book signing in Tribeca about three years ago and I went with my mom and best friend. He was super nice, really laid back, but the manager only gave each of us 15 seconds to speak and wouldn’t let him personalize the books or sign anything else despite the fact that he’d offered to do so. He even told everyone he would wait outside so he could sign more stuff for us. I went up to meet him again and was surprised that my favorite role of his was James Dean. He tried to get more time but the manager was flipping out on everyone who stayed for more than 10-15 seconds. When my mom went up to him he said we look exactly alike and he touched her hand when thanking her for coming.”  (peacelovenirvana)

“Chatted briefly with Tim Tebow at a restaurant once. He was nice enough then, asked me what I did and how it was going and all that jazz. Then, I saw him maybe a month later and we made eye contact. As he was making the rounds, he stopped at my table remembered my name, occupation, and how my life was going. I was blown away as I never expected him to be that genuine of a person.” (Bullwinkle_J_Moose)


“I got to hang out with Anne Hathaway about ten years ago or so. My best friend’s mom was married to Anne’s uncle so we were hanging out in a family setting. She is honestly one of the nicest people around and her family members definitely keep her grounded which is really nice to see.” (meagorilla)

When I was around 9, my mom took me and my brother on vacation and we stayed in a nice hotel in Toronto. Our room was next to one hosting a loud party and after hearing commotion, she discovered naked people running the halls. She knocked on the door and requested they tone it down. Now, turns out the room belonged to rapper DMX who my brother was obsessed with at the time. Not only did he stop partying to say hi and sign autographs he also paid for our entire stay! (Discocherry)

“I met Jimmy Fallon during a showing of The Book of Mormon musical. Some friends and I had amazing seats during the first month of its initial run in NYC and during intermission, we noticed Jimmy Fallon was directly behind us. My friend is brave as can be and just struck up a conversation with him, which I wanted in on. First thing I noticed is that he’s much taller than I expected, he’s at least 6-feet. He also has a deeper voice than on TV. He was polite and we got a picture with him and he lit up when we told him we were former Mormon missionaries. He got REALLY excited and started asking us all sorts of questions, The best part was that he had a Book of Mormon cast member on his show a couple of months later and he mentioned us!” (Flaghead)

My friend and I met Tracy Morgan in the food court of some mall in San Francisco a few years ago. He was sitting in the corner with a few friends just hanging out but when he got up to leave he walked right past our table. When he walked past my 17-year-old brother was just like “Hi!” and Tracy stopped and talked to us for five minutes, asking my brother about his football team and making jokes. I didn’t know what to expect but he was a super friendly guy! (WampaStompa33)

A former co-worker worked on a popular TV show that Bryan Cranston guest starred on post-Breaking Bad. A co-worker told him (at an appropriate time) that he was a big fan of Breaking Bad. Bryan thanked them but then after he wrapped (days later), he came back into the production office, pulled up a chair and sat at my coworker’s desk and was like: “So, what do you want to talk about?” The two then spent 45 minutes bonding over Breaking Bad. (filmcanman)

“I worked at a large Manhattan restaurant which Adam Sandler frequented often. He was always accompanied by an entourage of his friends, none of them celebrities. In any event, they would order nearly everything on the menu. I’m talking, literally, hundreds of dishes and gorge themselves silly. All the while, Adam would barely eat as a ton of people would approach him and ask him for a photo or something. He obliged everyone and was patient, kind and compassionate to every person. He was always so humble whenever people would congratulate him too. This restaurant had celebrities frequent it often but Adam was in a class of his own. I have always maintained that he is the nicest guy in the business.” (indie_cysive)

I spoke with Larry David while they were filming Curb Your Enthusiasm in New York City a few years ago. The show isn’t a lie, Larry is exactly how he portrays himself on the show. He even ended our very pleasant conversation with, “I think we’re good here.” It was actually pretty hilarious and it makes for a good story. (run-to-the-sun)

“Aaron Paul is not only one of the nicest celebs I’ve ever met but he’s also just one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in general. I said hello to him at Heathrow and he thanked me for being a fan, was very gracious and then turned around and started asking me about myself and my life. So, we talked about that for a minute and it was actually really nice.” (reddit user deleted)

“Gordon Ramsay actually challenged a prison inmate to an onion cutting competition and the inmate was actually about twice as fast as him. Gordon stopped chopping, watched him for a minute and then asked the guy when he got out. The inmate was due to be released by early next year and Gordon offered him a job the moment he got out. The guy only laughed but now he’s head chef at one of Gordon’s restaurants in the UK.” (sweetwill62)

“I sat next to T.I and his wife Tiny on a flight back from Houston. We were mostly silent but I got the courage to tell him I was a huge fan and he thanked me for my support. Unfortunately, he also asked me if I farted halfway through the flight…. I told him it was probably the guy in front of us (it was me though).” (triplep85)

“I had Steve Buscemi in my taxi about a year ago and he is so incredibly down to earth. I treated him just like any other customer and I think he appreciated it. We had a good conversation, he asked me a lot of questions and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. At the end of the ride, he reached over the seat and shook my hand. He introduced himself to me and then I lost my professionalism but it was just so hard to play it cool!” (666oderus666)

“I once saw Doug Flutie walking into a Dick’s Sporting Goods so I said, “what’s up, Doug?!” like we were friends. I even put my hand up for a high five. The funniest part is he said, “Hey guys!” Gave me that high five and we went our separate ways. He was cool enough not to leave me hanging so he’s pretty alright in my book!” (matman88)

I went to a Marilyn Manson concert and then a dinner to find some food after it was done. When I walked in I noticed Manson sitting in a booth with Twiggy. The waitress walked me to my table, past his booth so I decided to tell him how great his show was. He was appreciative of the compliment and invited me to eat with them. Best meal ever. He and Twiggy were so kind, funny, and intelligent. A couple years later, I went to another concert and met him backstage and remembered eating with me at the diner! Great guy. (Truthisoutthere89)


“Everyone who’s ever worked with Danny Trejo describes him as a teddy bear despite his life as a former gang member. He’s actually helped other members get out of that life. As for fuzzy moments, he actually helped one of his favorite taco joints in L.A to repaint when taggers sprayed homophobic slurs all over it. He’s actually a pretty big part of the community too.” (haynesholiday)

“I was at the same restaurant as Alice Cooper in Vegas and he is seriously such a nice guy. I didn’t want to be a total goon and bother him, so I just asked a waiter if a fan could say hello (he wasn’t eating, just waiting around). He waved me over and introduced me to his son. We had some small talk and he had a big smile the whole time and even made a few jokes!” (buttermuseum)

Christian Bale was one of the coolest, nicest people I had the chance to meet while working as an assistant to a famous filmmaker. He was very cordial and polite, was willing to talk and chew the fat. My main job was to get lunch for everyone and Christian was cool, had a very easy order—he just wanted a sandwich, nothing fancy. Best of all, when we were done lunch he helped me clean up. It doesn’t sound like much but when you are relegated to be the grunt worker, getting help really feels good.” (californiaoven)

“Mr. Rogers was not putting on an act, he really was an extremely nice person and a decent human being. I respect this man more than any other famous person I can think of. Once, a trip up to a PBS executives house, he heard the limo driver was going to have to wait outside for two hours so Mr. Rogers insisted that the driver come inside and join them. On the way home, Mr. Rogers sat up front with the driver and even asked to meet his family. According to the driver, it was one of the best nights of his life as Mr. Rogers played songs for his family and talked to them throughout the night.” (Telochi)

“I worked at the Apple Store in L.A when Neil Patrick Harris came in and I helped him out. I realized I couldn’t pretend not to know who he was so I just tried to figure out something not lame to say instead. About an hour before he came in he tweeted that it was National Suit Day and for people to tweet pics in suits. He wasn’t wearing a suit, so I asked him why and he laughed and said he’d be wearing it later when it gets to work. All around super nice guy!” (Jah87)

“Donald Glover is honestly one of the funniest people I’ve ever gotten to meet. He came to my school as a comedian but then did an impromptu rap show off his laptop, which was awesome btw. Afterwards, I got to meet him and he made fun of me for being homeschooled even though I was in college. It felt like we were friends.” (that1pianogirl)

“Robin Williams was very funny and very friendly, more so than I expected honestly. I went to a dinner with my father and his co-workers at this fancy Italian restaurant when I was about 18 or so and halfway through the meal my dad’s co-workers started yelling at the waiters and the waiters started yelling at the coworkers (all in Italian). Then, enter Robin Williams who was gesticulating wildly and mocking both sides until they calmed down and laughed at Robin’s antics instead. When everything calmed down I thanked him for defusing the situation, told him I love your work and then he flipped it and asked ME questions about my life. He gave me words to live by saying, “Kid, take a good look at those suits. Don’t try to end up like them. If you need booze of drugs to enjoy your life to the fullest then you’re doing it wrong.” (CaptainJudaism)


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