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8 Celebrities Who Tried To Get Away With Cheating But Couldn’t

Being a celebrity seems pretty cool. I mean, you get to be in all these movies, be around all these incredible actors and artists, make a ton of money. Us “regular” people would love to be a celebrity for a day. But keeping a relationship can be difficult.

Some do manage to hold onto a happy, long-lasting relationship, but it is rare. Their relationships do fail, and because their lives are so public, we get to see it crash and burn. Paparazzis are just waiting to capture when these celebs make a mistake.

It’s hard to imagine how they can have a peaceful relationship with someone without have ANY privacy at all. Here are some celebs who tried to get away with cheating but just epically failed. Sadly, the had their infidelity exposed directly in the media. Nice try, nice try.

1. Anyone who is a fan of Jennifer Lopez for sure remembers her relationship with Ben Affleck. But before that, the singer/actress was married to Chris Judd, her backup dancer. The two were married from 2001-2002. But they divorced after rumours were going around that she was having relations with Affleck. That was never confirmed nor denied.

2. Heidi Klum and Seal were couple goals. The two got married in May 2005 and had three children. They seems like the perfect family, and totally in love with each other. But then rumours were surfacing that Heidi was cheating on Seal with her bodyguard. Klum later admitted to TMZ that she was ‘seeing’ her bodyguard and the two dated between 2012-2014.

3. Who can forget about Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. Their show “Newlyweds Nick and Jessica” was amazing. They married in October 2002 and Simpson filed for divorce in 2005. But in 2004, while still married to Lachey, UsWeekly notes that she was rumoured to be hooking up with Adam Levine. The paparazzis caught her leaving a hotel rocking the singer’s shirt.

4. This was probably one of the most public cheating scandals out there. We all remember Jude Law was engaged to Sienna Miller in 2004. But that all came crashing down when in 2005, Law issued a public apology to Miller for having an affair with his kids’ nanny. Us Magazine named it one of the biggest cheating scandals of all time. Watch out for those nannies.

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