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16 Celebrities Who Have Killed People


When you find out a celebrity killed someone, it can be pretty jarring. After all, they’re famous! Shouldn’t that have ruined their career? The truth is that there are quite a few celebrities who killed someone, whether by accident or on purpose. However, even if it wasn’t intentional, these famous people killed another human being.

Sometimes celebrities who killed someone will openly talk about it, and they carry the guilt of what they did with them for years. Other celebrities caused a death and worked hard to make sure it got swept under the rug. There are other times that celebrities caused a death and actually spent time in jail for it.

These 16 celebrities who killed someone have all had to live with the guilt of causing someone’s death, and only some of them actually spent time in prison for what they did. Some of the people on this list may be surprising, but everyone has done things they are not proud of.

1. Matthew Broderick: In 1987, Broderick was driving the wrong way on a street in Ireland. He hit another car and killed both the driver and their passenger.

2. Sid Vicious: the Sex Pistols bassist famously stabbed his girlfriend Nancy Spungen to death. He died of a heroin overdose before he could stand trial.

3. Caitlyn Jenner: In February 2015, Jenner rear-ended another driver and caused their car to drift into traffic. It was then struck by a Hummer, killing the driver.

4. Keith Moon: The drummer for The Who was fleeing a pub in his car when he hit and killed his friend and bodyguard, Neil Boland.

5. Venus Williams: The tennis star was involved in a car accident in June 2017. One person in the car that struck Williams died. A police report deemed Williams responsible for the death.

6. Laura Bush: When the former first lady was in high school, she blew through a stop sign and hit another car, killing its driver, Michael Dutton Douglas.

7. William S. Burroughs: The author of Naked Lunch accidentally shot his wife, Joan Vollmer while drunkenly playing a game of “William Tell” in 1951.


8. Vince Neil: The Motley Crue singer was in a drunk driving accident in 1984. A passenger in his car was killed. Neil only spent 15 days in jail.

9. Phil Spector: One of the most high profile murder cases of all time, Spector was found guilty of the murder Lana Clarkson in 2009.

10. Felicia Pearson: Best known for playing a character of the same name on The Wire, Pearson was found guilty for the shooting death of Okia Toomer when she was 14.

11. Brandy Norwood: In 2006, the singer and former Moesha star was involved in a freeway pile-up which killed one of the drivers, Aawetef Aboudihaj.

12. Johnny Lewis: The actor who appeared on Sons of Anarchy broke into his landlady’s home and killed her (as well as her cat) before falling to his death from a roof.

13. Dwayne Goodrich: Goodrich was convicted of two counts of criminally negligent homicide. The former Dallas Cowboys cornerback struck and killed two people on the side of the highway.

14. Charles S. Dutton: The actor was involved in a fight when he was 17. He killed a man and was charged with manslaughter. He spent seven years in prison.

15. Oscar Pistorius: Pistorius, a Paralympic gold medalist, shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, to death through a locked bathroom door. He claimed that he thought she was an intruder.

16. Michael Jace: Formerly of The Shield, actor Michael Jace shot his wife in front of their two children. He was charged with second-degree murder and found guilty in 2016.


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