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Back To The 90s: Celebrities Who Changed Their Haircut


The 90’s were a time of memorable fashion fails and great experiments. It’s been more than two decades since those days, but the hairstyles that flourished in that era will never be forgotten. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at your favorite celebrities. Chances are, one of them is sporting a 90’s trend or hairstyle that you hadn’t noticed before.

Let’s take a tour to the past and check out some cool haircuts that are sure to be making their way back to the spotlight.

To illustrate that, here are some celebrities who brought some popular 90’s hairstyles into their latest fashion trend by changing their haircuts.

1. Lucy Hale. Lucy Hale is famous for her chic hair. Short hair is a universal hairstyle that you can wear for any official event. The length of the hair is just enough to draw attention to your face and neck.


The Pretty Little Liars actress features a side-parted bob with medium waves. Lucy Hale’s hairstyle is one you should consider.


2. Zoe Kravitz. It was not long ago when Zoe Kravitz revealed an extreme Pixie haircut in her famous Instagram post.

3_elleukelle uk

This classic 90’s look requires very little maintenance.  A pixie cut gives sharp focus to edgy cheekbones, giving you a classic look. The Big Little Lies actress definitely knows how to please her fans and give hints of her next possible role with this haircut.


3. Taylor Swift. Another 90’s favorite hairstyle is the short bob and bangs combo. This hairstyle gives you a playful and innocent look. When you pair it with some bold makeup, the effect changes, making it a very versatile haircut.


The short bob and bangs combo brings out a youthful look. Taylor Swift often shows her hairstyle that stuns the public. The singer looks awesome with her 90’s hairstyle look, making every girl dream of having it as their next haircut.


4. Gabrielle Union. Box braids were a big thing in the 90’s! The actress happily shows off her hairstyle as an inspirational look everywhere she goes. The effect of these braids is stunning, as shown by Union herself.


Box braids could be worn in different twists and gorgeous locks. Gabrielle Union’s hairstyle is undoubtedly very edgy and hypnotic to look at. There is really no context where box braids don’t look good, don’t you think?


5. Jennifer Lopez. Leave it to the singer to rock out a 90’s haircut and modernize it into a totally new hairstyle. If there’s one thing the singer-actress is known for, it’s her trendsetting looks.


There are different ways to wear this hairstyle fabulously, but Lopez definitely sported it the sexiest and the most sophisticated. It seems that the lighter her hair gets, the more radiant she looks too!

6. Mollie King. King’s hairstyle turned out to be a stunning blonde bun with two loose strands. This created the perfect 90’s hairstyle vibe. It’s simple, effortless and a fun throwback to the days of mom jeans and neon accents.


The hairstyle adds seductiveness to the very clean style, making every girl and woman look attractive, slick and elegant. Try it next time you want to give your casual look an extra edge!


7. Zayn Malik. The heartthrob looks very handsome in his blond top highlight. He is known for changing his hairstyle almost weekly. Fans and non-fans alike tend to pay attention to his hair and fashion trends.


It features a spiky look with a highlight and faded color. We can expect all men would liberally support this! His fans all around the world certainly did. With a bone structure like his, it’s hard to imagine that any hair style wouldn’t suit him.


8. Johnny Depp. The Pirates of the Caribbean star has his favorite 90’s hairstyle that he frequently wears on and off camera. If you look at pictures of Johnny Depp from the 90’s and compare them to today, you won’t see much of a difference.


The front curtained hairstyle is a variety of an undercut. It gives some mystery but also a professional look to male actors. Plus, Depp likes to accessorize with thick glasses, jewelry, and facial hair.

16_hdwallpaperdaily hdwallpaperdaily

9. Jasmine Sanders. Sanders is a famous model who loves to feature her golden ringlets, which are a signature of the 90’s. If you or someone you know didn’t have naturally curly hair, you probably got a perm to fix that.


The Golden Ringlets hairstyle is a fresh look that could be altered and fashioned in different occasions as you want. It emphasizes the freedom of the curls as you wear them, making you more dazzling effortlessly.


10. Beyonce Knowles. The award-winning singer and actress always loved the micro braid hairstyle. The style started getting famous in the 90’s. It’s a rare sight to see it these days, and you probably remember very vividly the last time you saw someone sporting these braids—they’re just so gorgeous!


Beyonce always has her hair styled in a micro braid because it keeps her curls looking good and healthy always. You probably remember the images of her trip to Cuba with Jay-Z, where she rocked the micro braids in a bun above her head.



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