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24 People Who Didn’t Get a Photo With a Celebrity But a Real Photobomb

When you manage to encounter a celebrity you’ve dreamt of meeting for years, chances are you’re going to want to take a picture with them to cherish the moment forever. Usually, celebrities lead busy lives and your chance to capture a moment with them comes down to a single photo opportunity (especially for most of us not brave enough to ask the star for a retake).

In this single moment, there is way too much pressure for both people involved to get it right. But sometimes, the pictures that don’t turn out — which are just as common as the ones that do — end up making some pretty great memories anyways.

Whether it be a photobomb in the background, an unsuspecting addition to the picture, or the subjects themselves failing at being photogenic, here are 24  pictures of celebrity photobombs that are just so good because they’re just so bad.

1. This Imgur user posted this incredibly unflattering selfie with Nicolas Cage who she had ended up next to on a flight. “My friend posted this pic from her plane ride on her facebook. nic cage looks pretty rough…” one user captioned the photo on Imgur. It looks like poor Cage was woken from a very terrible and exhaustive nap (or maybe a coma) and was forced to take this selfie against his will.


2. We’re not sure how this fan selfie ended up happening and the singer himself offers no explanation. Maybe the fan is in the back (or maybe it actually is the bird) but it’s the falcon that is getting all the attention in this photo with Ed Sheehan, even upstaging the Thinking Out Loud singer himself. It also makes for the craziest photobomb one could ever hope for.

3. Twitter user @deadmau5 posted this crazy picture with Nicolas Cage, clearly showing the actor is not one for photo ops. The actor looks a little rough once again in this picture with a fan. The fan, however, said the actor was very kind, buying a bottle of champagne for him and his partner, then offering the fan his wacky glasses to wear for this incredibly funny and awkward picture Cage doesn’t look ready for at all.

Imgur | machzuilligan

4. A certain Harry Potter star decided to make this girl the photobomber when Daniel Radcliffe himself took a selfie on her phone, grinning for the camera and capturing the happy fan and several other fans who decided to jump in on the action. The Reddit user posted the picture with this caption: “So my friend was outside a Broadway show when this guy grabbed her phone to take a selfie with her.”

Reddit | Dave_Versus_Volcano

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