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16 Times Epic Photoshop Fails Didn’t Stop Magazines From Publishing Celebs’ Photos

Any magazine that features photos of celebrities uses Photoshop to touch up those images. However, none of these professional publications are safe from the occasional celebrity Photoshop fail. Sometimes an altered celebrity image looks downright strange, thanks to a bad magazine Photoshop job. It happens more often than you might think.

Sometimes the stars will call out publications for a bad celebrity Photoshop job. Famous folks from Zac Efron to Lena Dunham have been the victims of a celebrity Photoshop fail. It’s almost crazy to think that major publications such as Men’s Health or Vogue can allow an altered celebrity image to look this bad.

Here you’ll find a collection of times that magazines allowed a celebrity Photoshop fail to make it all the way through the editorial process to the rack at the local pharmacy. Once you take a look at these odd photos, you’ll be able to spot a bad celebrity Photoshop job from a mile away.

1. This celebrity Photoshop fail came in like a wrecking ball. People speculated that Miley Cyrus had work done, but when the real image surfaced, everyone saw that it was just another bad magazine Photoshop job.

2. This photo of Kate Winslet is way too perfect. Her skin looks like it’s made out of porcelain! This altered celebrity image goes entirely too far.

3. They say two hands are better than one, but three hands are definitely not better than two in this bad celebrity Photoshop job of Oprah Winfrey.

4. Avril Lavigne sang “He was a skater boy,” and Maxim magazine said, “See you later boy” to her right elbow in this major celebrity Photoshop fail.

5. Even male celebrities aren’t safe from a bad magazine Photoshop job. Poor Adam Levine seems to be missing half of his abdomen in this picture.

6. This altered celebrity image makes Victoria Beckham look like a work of art… By Picasso. This photo looks like it was edited in MS Paint.

7. Priyanka Chopra was the victim of a ridiculously bad celebrity Photoshop job. Her armpit has absolutely no definition. That’s probably what Barbie’s pits would look like.

8. This magazine cover tried to make Eminem look intimidating in this altered celebrity image, but instead, he just looks like a bargain bin action figure.

9. In this celebrity Photoshop fail, Demi Moore appears to be suffering from an insane case of hip displacement. How does an editorial team miss something like this?

W / Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

10. This bad magazine Photoshop job of Twilight star Kristen Stewart has a touch of magic in it. Her right forearm has been made to disappear. Bravo, Glamour.

11. Lena Dunham seems to have been touched up quite a bit in this altered celebrity image, but what really stands out (or doesn’t) is her missing left arm.

12. Even royalty isn’t safe from a bad celebrity Photoshop. On this Hello! magazine cover, Prince William looks more like a sheepish teenager than an heir to the throne.

13. Paris Hilton may have starred in House of Wax, but she’s not actually made of wax. You wouldn’t know it in this celebrity Photoshop fail from Vanity Fair Spain.

14. Chrissy Teigen went topless for this magazine cover, but it looks like whoever did this bad magazine Photoshop job really wanted to get her nipples out of the picture.

15. This celebrity Photoshop fail leaves Carrie Underwood with a seriously deformed right wrist. Sometimes being famous means being a bit more flexible, but this is just ridiculous.

16. Zac Efron probably stays in shape, but this altered celebrity image makes his left arm look it has a major muscle cramp. No one has biceps like that.


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