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16 Utterly Unforgivable Celebrity Photoshop Fails

It’s bad enough when a magazine runs a poorly edited photo on their cover, but what about when famous people are responsible for their celebrity Photoshop failures? It seems like some celebrities can’t help but show off their bad Photoshop skills. They should probably be more careful since one badly Photoshopped Instagram picture can lead to a lot of online ridicule.

A lot of celebrities are guilty of the bad Photoshop, from Beyoncé to Kim Kardashian. In fact, it seems that the Kardashians have trouble not editing their own private photos. There must be a lot of pressure on them to look good all the time, but maybe it’s gone a bit too far.

These are 16 of the worst celebrity Photoshop failures found around the internet. If celebrities really want their images altered, they should think about having their social media consultants do the image editing for them. If that’s what they’ve done already, then they might consider getting a new staff.

1. Beyoncé shouldn’t need to try and make herself look better, but her fans noticed the wonky stair between her legs and knew that this photo had been retouched.

2. Poor Lindsay Lohan hasn’t had the easiest time in show business since Freaky Friday, but trying to make herself look better on social media has just backfired big time.

3. Amanda Holden is known as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, but she clearly doesn’t have any talent when it comes to Photoshop. Just check out that bulging horizon.

4. Kim Kardashian is pretty notorious for Photoshopping her Instagram photos, but even she should have noticed that her right arm has completely disappeared in this image.

5. Even models can’t help but try to make themselves look better. Savvy Instagram users noticed that this photo of Miranda Kerr just didn’t seem properly proportioned.

6. This image of Rihanna seemed to have something weird going on near her finger. Is it split in half? Or just bad editing? Neither, actually. It’s just a string from her costume. Sometimes these photos are just the real thing.

7. This next photo from Kim Kardashian is almost certainly not the real thing. Check out how warped the floor and the door frame in the background look.

8. Once again Beyoncé feels the need to Photoshop herself. It’s actually kind of sad that even Bey feels the need to fit into traditional beauty standards.

9. Oh, Kris Jenner, What have you done to poor Gordon Ramsay?! This photo looks more like it was taken at Madame Tussaud’s than anywhere else.

10. Sometimes it’s not just the bodies that get Photoshopped. Here, Selena Gomez has had a bit of volume added to her hair (and the wall behind her, apparently).

11. Kylie Jenner put way too much effort into making herself look good in these jeans. The editing in this image is so poorly done that nothing about it looks real.

12. This Victoria’s Secret model has her own secret: insanely long arms. At least that’s what you’d think from the unrealistic position of her elbow in this photo.

13. Taylor Swift caught flack from her fans for this image of her posing with the members of the band Haim. The telltale rail behind them says this image was definitely touched up.

14. John Mayer went way too far into the uncanny valley with this ridiculous bit of Photoshop. Those filters aren’t supposed to filter out all of the humanity, John.

15. Ariana Grande apparently has some gigantic hands. Either that or she’s yet another victim of bad Photoshop skills. It’s more likely that it’s the latter.

16. Lady Gaga works out. That’s obvious from this photo of her doing some yoga. So why is there any reason to Photoshop? Or did the mirror just bend itself?


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