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Top 8 Celebrities That Were Lyrically Assaulted By Eminem


Long known as one of the best rappers today, Eminem has been spitting rhymes and producing mass hits ever since he starred in Eight Mile. A little vulgar, and extremely lyrical, Em has never been one to keep his mouth shut about any topic. From politics, to breast implants, to his love life, all the way to pop superstars, Eminem seriously doesn’t hold back any (lyrical) punches.

Eminem, also known as Marshal Mathers and Slim Shady, has dissed numerous celebrities in his time as a Rap God. His utter destruction of Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears are some of the more memorable ones.

Here are the top 8 celebrities that have been decimated by Eminem.

1. The star of Baywatch and the sex symbol of the 1990’s, Pamela Anderson felt the wrath of Eminem when he recorded “My name is” back in 2001. He jokingly insulted Pam’s breast implants in his song. He also took a stab at the fashion sense of hip-hop duo, Kris Kross.

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 9.48.57

While Eminem rapped about her silicone implants, later that year Pamela Anderson went on the Ellen Degeneres Show where she downplayed the size of her implants.

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 9.49.26

2. In Eminem’s 2009 track “We made you,” Em insulted a host of celebrities but one of the more notable ones was his diss directed to reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Kim laughed it off and actually took the insult in stride. Although one of his much less vulgar rap lines, Eminem goes on to question her gender and the size of her posterior.

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 9.47.43

Kim was amused, and honored, rather than hurt by the diss. She responded by saying that she received a message from a friend stating that she “had made it” because Eminem was rapping about her. Said like a true on-brand entrepreneur!

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 9.48.13

3. In the eponymous title “Marshal Mathers” Eminem goes in on Britney Spears and her lack of “musical talent.” More of a shot at pop culture in the early 2000’s, Eminem also dissed the swath of boy band groups, such as NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, that emerged at the time.

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 9.53.43

Much less aggressive and R-rated, it seemed like Eminem was just railing against the evolution of the music industry as opposed to Britney herself. In a satirical turn of events, Eminem dressed up as Britney Spears for one of his numerous music videos.

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 9.55.03

4. One of the few males on this list, Eminem went in on superstar and King of Pop, Michael Jackson, on his song “Just lose it.” Although Michael was certainly not pleased with how “an artist treats another artist” Eminem stated in his song that it wasn’t meant to be directed at Michael.

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 9.50.51

In the music video, Eminem dressed up as Michael and had a body double of himself throw up on his depiction of the singer. It seemed to many people that Eminem took a shot at Michael Jackson’s child molestation charges in both his music video and lyrics. Later that year, everyone from Michael Jackson to Steve Harvey denounced his lyrical attack.  

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 9.50.42

5. In an attempt at retaliation, Eminem dissed Christina Aguilera on “The Real Slim Shady” in regards to the origin of her pop career and also her love life. Em took issue with the way Christina spoke about his personal life on her MTV special. Christina started off with a compliment calling Em “cute” but later entered into uncharted territories when she talked about Em’s wife. 

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 9.55.16

Christina responded by saying that what he had to say about her was “fine” but that it was also “disgusting and totally untrue.”

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 9.55.26

6. Never one to mince words, Eminem called Trump someone unfit for the role of President. In his song “Campaign Speech,” Eminem said the current POTUS was not a puppet due to the fact that he funded his own presidential campaign but that also means that he answers to no one.

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 10.17.37

Eminem continued the diss by going on Big Sean’s track “No favors” stating that he wanted to ruin Trump’s brand. He also dissed Ann Coulter, a right-wing journalist in support of Donald Trump and said that he was going to make them both “disappear.”

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 9.54.29

7. In Eminem’s record, Without Me, Eminem lyrically assaults New York City DJ Moby. Within the first three lines, Eminem calls on Obie Trice to “beat up” Moby after Moby called Eminem’s work misogynistic, homophobic and racist…which may not be entirely false. Moby’s claim was that Eminem’s lyrics could be impressionable on the youth.

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 11.00.55

Openly admitting at an award speech that Moby threw Em “out of the zone” for a bit, Moby didn’t take offense to the rap diss. He said that he was actually pleased with the “free publicity” that he got.

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 11.01.30

8. In one of the weirdest and probably most awkward feuds of all time, Eminem claimed that he had a relationship with Mariah Carey while Mariah vehemently denied such claims. Eminem alleges that they had a physical relationship and threatened to release the phone calls. At which point Mariah responded by releasing her song “Obsessed” which seemed to be aimed at Eminem claiming that he was obsessed with her.

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 9.57.42

In an ironic turn of events, Mariah dressed up as Eminem in a costume of baggy sweats and over-sized hoodies, dancing and crying in a room filled with Mariah Carey posters. Eminem went all out in “The Warning” by calling her an alcoholic and threatened to release photographic evidence of their time together.  

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