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Celebrities Who Hilariously Toyed With The Paparazzi

Being followed around by the paparazzi cannot be easy. Think about it, you have to look pretty good from the moment you leave your house in the morning and you have to make sure you don’t do anything embarrassing.

Apart from the photos, you have to make sure that you aren’t seen by anyone that you aren’t supposed to be seen with or that’ll start some rumors that you just don’t want. A lot of celebrities have a difficult time with them.

Then there are those celebs that have had their fame for such a long time, they already know the best and funniest way to deal with the annoying paparazzi. Here are some celebrities who have hilariously toyed with the paparazzi.

1. We all love Jim Carrey and his hilarious films. Unsurprisingly, it turns out he is even funnier in person. Check out his new swimsuit on the beach.

#1 Pinterest Pinterest

2. A stark contrast of the first celeb on this list, Simon Cowell is known as the villain on TV. Clearly, his humorous side comes out with the paparazzi.

#2 Caping Caping

3. Leonardo Dicaprio is gorgeous but he clearly isn’t a fan of the spotlight when he’s just trying to have a casual day walking down the street.

4. Instead of Benedict Cumberbatch getting annoyed that he can’t eat his meal in peace, he decided to give the paparazzi a show.

5. Gerard Butler clearly isn’t a fan of getting his photos taken, but this time it looks like he wanted to give the paparazzi a taste of their own medicine. We don’t think they care though.

6. There have been many times that celebrities have gotten so annoyed with the paparazzi that they get physical. We’re sure these photographers weren’t mad at getting sprayed on by Bruce Willis.

7. Dustin Hoffman is probably the funniest celeb who plays around with the paparazzi. The more he hides, the more entertaining the photos come out.

8. Ryan Gosling is known for his ‘cool’ persona on the big screen. But when it comes to getting his photos taken on a regular day? His silly side comes out.

9. Getting a shot of Iron Man in real life is awesome! Wait, no, that’s just Jaden Smith who decided to take on another identity for the paparazzi.

10. This could be anyone, hence why celebrities who do goofy things and hide their face give the paparazzi useless photos. Here is Shia Labeouf (allegedly) with a paper bag over his face and a plastic bag on his hand.

Digital Spy

11. Sorry, we had to show you another example of Dustin Hoffman toying with the photographers. He really hates getting followed around.

12. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield pulled a genius move. They decided to make the most of their photos being taken and send out a positive message

13. This celeb is clearly ready to get his photo taken at all times. He decided to turn his situation into a last minute photo shoot. Smart move, smart move.

14. Pete Wentz also decided to turn being stalked 24/7 into something humorous. His wife at the time, Ashlee Simpson, clearly thought it was funny.

15. Jennifer Lawrence decided to look her best after her dinner. Sticking chopsticks in your mouth and making funny faces is really what the paparazzi want.

16. We don’t think Shaq is aware of his size. Or maybe he thought he was actually not seen by the photographers. In any case, it turned out to be a hilarious photo.


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