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Probably the worst thing to happen to a celebrity on the night of a special event is to show up wearing the same outfit as another celebrity. Of course, to us average folk that will probably seem a bit dramatic and frivolous, but such is the case when you’re forever in the public eye and liable to be attacked at every turn for every choice.

Of course, as a celebrity, you can almost guarantee that you will be photographed at this event and those pictures will inevitably land on the internet. So not only will everyone that is attending the event be witness to your faux pas, but so will the rest of the world. It’s really no wonder that celebrities take the whole affair of getting dressed and styled so seriously.

With that being said, these mistakes still happen. Even if a celebrity manages to look unique during an event, that doesn’t necessarily mean that no one has ever worn their exact outfit before. Not only is the whole ordeal tiresome, but it’s also rather difficult to look exclusive at all times (even if you’re eccentric in your clothing choices).

1. Take this example of Jessie J. and Nicki Minaj who probably thought something along the lines of, “I bet no one else will wear this.” Guess again, guys.

similar 1 Izismile

2. Jane Fonda and Fergie wearing the same dress. They have very different body types so at the very least the dress looks different on them. They, of course, both look stunning.

3. Here is Lady Gaga being as Lady Gaga as it gets. The look is very Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ but with a modern edge. On the right is Anna Faris being her usual lovely self. 

4. Nude is obviously very in so it shouldn’t have been all that difficult to find 2 different nude dresses. The stylists should start confirming outfits with one another before events. On the left is Jennifer Hudson, and on the right is Brooklyn Decker.

5. This is a cute little polka-dot number. Christina Aguilera gave it a 50’s housewife vibe with added red accents on her shoes and lip color. Ali Larter, on the other hand, chose a more subtle look.

6. Jennifer Lawrence vs. L’Wren Scott: who wore it best? Just kidding; they both look amazing. Shout out to that dress for making everyone who wears it look awesome.

7. Sofia Vergara and Dania Ramirez are both beauty queens regardless of what they wear, so it’s likely that no one even cared that they wore the same outfit. Check out the identical taste though; they both paired the look with similar shoes and an up-do.

8. This dress looks like molten gold and both Paris Hilton and Heidi Klum look great but I think we’re going to have to give it to Heidi (despite her choice of shoes) because her hair looks great with the dress.

9. Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver chose the absolute perfect dress. It shows off some leg and it’s very elegant. This time, it wasn’t a mistake. They actually wore this dress at their movie premier because their characters also wore the same outfit in the film.

similar 9 Izismile

10. Kerry Washington looks like a dream in this dress so we’re going to give this to her. Even though the Duchess is a fashion icon and every item of clothing she wears sells out almost instantly, you can’t win them all.

11. We have several questions about this dress – the first of them being why? Apparently, neither Kate Beckinsale nor Kim Kardashian feel the same way about it.

12. This is adorable pre-lip filler Kylie and her model sister Kendall Jenner. We really hope that one of them just borrowed the dress from the other rather than them both owning the same dress, because that would make this picture so much cuter.

13. The beautiful Naomi Watts and the heartthrob Kate Walsh. This is a tough choice but Kate Walsh wins just out of the sheer obsessive love we have for her. 

14. Here, Alessandra Ambrosio is the manifestation of perfection and Winona Ryder is as Winona Ryder as it gets. Great dress, even better ladies. 

15. Eva Mendes looks like the queen of everything and Dita Von Teese looks like the goddess of nature so there’s really no way to decide here. We’ll split the award evenly.  

16. Jada Pinkett Smith is a vision and Bailey Rae looks impeccable but seriously, someone tell us where that dress is from. It’s all delicate and champagne and SO dreamy. 


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