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15 Celebs You Probably Didn’t Think Were Rich


There are tons of talented and famous celebrities out there and many of them are known for their impressive net worth. When you think about a celebrity that has money, most people will think of people such as:

  • The Kardashians,
  • Paris Hilton,
  • The Jenners.

However, there are a ton of lesser known celebs out there with equally impressive fortunes. Some of them may come as a surprise!

Here is a list of 15 celebrities whom you might not have expected to be incredibly rich.

1. Ellen Barkin: With a net worth of $60 million, Barkin’s riches might have partially come from selling her personal diamonds and jewelry, which were likely gifts from her insanely rich ex-husband and philanthropist Ronald Perelman.

2. Jane Seymour: As a successful businesswoman and author, Seymour’s net worth is at $70 million. She also happens to be the face of Kay jewelers which was founded in 1916.

3. John Slattery: It’s speculated that he possesses a $145 million net worth.

4. Jorge Garcia: Sometimes people who have a lot of money might not look like they do. With a net worth of $15 million, Jorge is best known for his role as Hugo in Lost but recently gained popularity when he played Hector on Becker.

5. Henry Thomas: Do you recognize this guy? If you’re having trouble it’s because he’s grown up a lot since playing Elliot in the 1982 classic E.T. He definitely got his career going with a kickstart and definitely managed his money well over the years: he has a net worth of $82 million. He was recently in the film Ouija: Origin of Evil but most people probably didn’t even recognize him.

6. Alexander Ludwig: You probably recognize this guy from his role in the Hunger Games, Vikings and possibly the straight-to-DVD films he starred in such as Seeker and Race to Witch Mountain. Would you have guessed that this guy’s net worth is $97 million?

7. Andrew Shue: Although people might be more familiar with his sister Elisabeth, Andrew has a pretty impressive career as well. With a net worth of over $100 million, he earned his fortune acting as well as being a successful businessman. He also played professional soccer.

8. Frances Fisher: Although she’s not the most recognizable face in the industry, Fisher has had parts in popular films such as Titanic, Unforgiven, The Lincoln Lawyer, and The Host. She got her start on television acting in soap operas and now has a net worth of $145 million.

9. Jessica Szohr: As well as being incredibly gorgeous, this former Gossip Girl actress is also incredibly rich. Her net worth is almost $150 million and after her success playing Vanessa, she went on to get roles in Piranha 3D, I Don’t Know How She Does It, and The Internship. She is also known to be pretty close pals with the likes of Taylor Swift and Nina Dobrev.

10. Sasha Alexander: You may not recognize her, but so far she has the highest net worth on the list. Although she has done some acting, most of her $215 million fortune comes from business activities outside of the entertainment industry.

11. Peter Stormare: This guy also has a net worth of $215 million. His career started in 1978, but he wasn’t as recognizable until he met the Coen brothers. He eventually landed roles in The Big Lebowski, Armageddon, Chocolat, Bad Boys II, Prison Break, and more.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.13.23 PMRachel-Lee Thomas

12. Scott Speedman: Although he isn’t exactly an A-lister, Speedman has had roles in films such as The Strangers, Barney’s Version, and The Monster. He is most commonly known for his role as Ben on Felicity and for the Underworld films. However, his net worth may surprise you: it’s a whopping $245 million.

13. Paget Brewster: Most Friends fans will recognize this actress as the woman who played Chandler and Joey’s girlfriend. After getting her start on Friends, Brewster then went on to get roles in shows such as Criminal Minds, and Community. She has a net worth of $245 million.

14. Patrick Wilson: Starting his career with the film The Phantom of the Opera, people probably assumed that he was going to end up rich. I bet they weren’t expecting a net worth of $230 million. Although he got some attention from his role in Watchmen, his real success came from Insidious, The Conjuring, and the following sequels to the films.

15. Jami Gertz: The largest net worth on the list at $2 billion. Gertz is known for her early work in films such as Sixteen Candles, The Lost Boys, Less Than Zero, and Quicksilver. Her riches come partially from her acting career, and partially from the fact that she married billionaire Antony Ressler.

And there you have it. 15 of the richest celebs who you might not have expected to be super rich. Which one surprised you the most? What are you going to do to start working on your fortune?


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