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These Chained Dogs Were Left To Fend For Themselves During Hurricane Harvey Flood

As Hurricane Harvey evolved into a Category 4 hurricane and flooded the Houston area with nearly 52 inches of rain, more than 94,000 homes have been destroyed and many more people have been displaced. It is estimated that 40 people have died, and Texas has also disabled both their power pumps which power the city’s water supply, leaving Texans without access to clean water.

However, it is not just humans that have been affected. In fact, many pets have been literally left to die.

With Harvey just now being downgraded to a tropical depression, many more images have been surfacing on social media depicting house pets still chained to their posts as the water rises.

This is Lucky the dog. A reporter from the Daily Mail was out taking pictures of the devastation that the hurricane caused when he chanced upon this terrified dog that was tied to a post.

CaptureDaily Mail

He named her Lucky and when the photographer, Ruaridh Connellan untied the dog, she rushed to safety.

7Daily Mail

Lucky was also found with other animals as well, a pit bull mix, a pony and two cats which seem to point to the tethering as being unintentional.

6Daily Mail

This pit bull mix is one of Lucky’s friends. He was found to be tied up as well but he was on higher and drier ground with some freedom to roam about. He too was later freed by the photographer. 

8Daily Mail

And a fellow neighbor found these two dogs that were left on the family’s boat. Apparently, the family had to evacuate and instead of tying their dogs up, they left them on the boat.

5Daily Mail

However, they were later rescued by the neighbors next door who took this picture.

3Daily Mail

A girl by the name of Courtney posted this to her Twitter account. The caption read: ‘my neighbor left their dog out in the back yard and evacuated, so Lord knows I took him and brought him into my house.’

2Daily Mail

Thankfully, reporters, law enforcement agencies along with rescue organizations have been looking for stranded and tethered animals and officials have also issued a warning against tying animals down during a flood.



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