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Guy Hilariously Roasted His Mom For Lying On Facebook And People Are Screaming


You should never trust online profiles since most people are only posting the best version of themselves. Think about it. Do you ever post any bad selfies on your Facebook page or Instagram accounts? Probably not since ugly selfies are exclusively for Snapchat. Most people only post positive things on their Facebook pages in order to make them look good. Some examples include:

  • Perfect selfies
  • Work achievements
  • Travelling photos

And when you get older, all of your friends get married and start having kids. And once children are introduced into the family, parents can’t help but brag about how smart their kids are. Yeah, yeah we get it. Your kid’s a genius.

However, it turns out that not all of these parents are being truthful. Shocking right? When 21-year-old Koran Hackman saw that his mother was lying on Facebook, he had no problem calling her out for her fabricated story. 

Pictured here is Koran and his 3-year-old nephew Chance. Although the toddler is pretty smart for his age, Koran’s mom might be exaggerating just a wee little bit when she tells stories about her grandson.

sub-buzz-30797-1481574517-11Koran Hackman

Koran’s mother, Sonya, recently shared a story about her grandson Chance and quoted him saying, “I don’t believe in Santa I believe in God and through him all things are possible.” That’s a pretty impressive thing to say at just 3 years old.

sub-buzz-4502-1481575219-1Facebook/Sonya Hackman

When Koran saw what his mom had posted online, he laughed about it and decided to share the truth on his Twitter page. He took a screenshot of the post and told his followers that his nephew totally didn’t say that. In fact, the kid speaks in Power Ranger quotes.

The tweet quickly went viral and the 21-year-old uncle hoped that his original tweet would eventually get shared on Facebook so that his mother would see it. 

Koran’s followers are some true homies. One person took the liberty of saving a screenshot of the tweet and posted it as a comment on Sonya’s original Facebook post. She’s bound to see it now!

Others just found the whole situation completely hilarious. Some Twitter users even admitted that their mom’s were guilty of doing things like this as well. Who are these mothers trying to impress? 

 After Sonya’s cover was blown she eventually took down her original Facebook post. Although her son may have called her out, she knows that it’s all in good fun. “My mom knows its entirely jokes,” Koran said in an interview with Buzzfeed.

sub-buzz-11534-1481577203-1Koran Hackman

Koran described his mother as “a hardworking, MBA graduate, Army veteran who raised four kids on her own.” After exposing her online, he shared her final comments on the Facebook post before she deleted it off her page.


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