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Charles Manson Reportedly In Grave Condition At California Hospital

Infamous cult leader Charles Manson, now 83 years old, has reportedly entered a Bakersfield Hospital in the California area under “grave condition.” The serial killer renowned for starting the Manson Family cult has a serious medical condition that ultimately may lead to his death.

Authorities have spoken about his admission to the hospital, stating that details about his condition will remain undisclosed due to privacy laws. This latest admission to the hospital follows just after Manson was admitted to health care in January of 2017.

Manson has been living out several life-sentences at the Corcoran State Prison in California, after his conviction for murdering 7 people in his “Manson family cult” back in 1971, a crime that had shocked the world. The Manson Family cult was a quasi-commune that was started in the late 1960s by Charles Manson (born as Charles Milles Maddox). The cult was responsible for an attempted assassination of former president Gerald Ford at the time, and among the murdered was actress Sharon Tate.

According to authorities, since Manson’s arrival at the Bakersfield facility, Manson has been wheeled around the facility, going from room to room for various treatments. According to an unknown source familiar with Manson’s condition, it is clear that he is not about to make any sort of recovery from his trauma.


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