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What The ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Kids Look Like Now


Who could possibly forget about the early days of Youtube viral videos? Today, that first wave of funny clips seems so simple and so far away (and with good reason! Most of these old viral videos are over 10 years old). Most of the people on Youtube today, kids and teens, have no idea what you’re talking about when you bring up Charlie Bit My Finger. 

We all remember the classics, released between the years 2006 and 2009, like The Evolution of Dance, The Star Wars Kid, The Numa Numa guy, the Dramatic Chipmunk and Chocolate Rain. 

Now that it’s been over a decade, the thought “I wonder where they are today” has probably crossed your mind. Well, we have the answer to that question for one of those videos: the Charlie Bit My Finger kids.

This year marks the video’s tenth year anniversary. A whole decade! The two boys have been regularly updating the world—particularly British media—on what they’re up to. Read on to find out what they look like today!

The adorable video that melted hearts and entertained millions featured two brothers, one named Charlie and one named Harry. Harry, the eldest, is sitting on a chair with his little brother Charlie on his lap.


Harry puts his finger inside Charlie’s finger and gets bitten, but he doesn’t learn his lesson there! Harry exclaims: “Charlie bit my finger!” and puts it back inside his mouth. The next time Charlie bites him it actually hurts.


The video captures a perfectly natural moment between two little brothers. The best part is at the end when Harry cries “Ouch!” and gets a little sad, commenting that the second bite “actually hurt”


The short clip used to be the most viewed video on Youtube (it has over 850 million views today). That was until the Korean sensation PSY upped the bar for viral videos with Gangnam Style. 


The parents of the two boys, Shelley and Howard, said that the viral video brought them a certain type of popularity. The public has been following the growth of the two boys and their youngest brother, Jasper, ever since the video was released.


Because they’re young and impressionable children, their parents have been careful with the things they show the world and how much they expose their children.


Today, the boys live a relatively normal and balanced life. They love soccer and they play Minecraft. They also take the time to acknowledge and welcome the media into their homes to give them an update on where they are and how they’re doing every couple of years.


The viral video changed the lives of this young British family. It’s been reported that the video brought them over $1 million in advertisement revenue since it was first uploaded in 2007. 



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