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Cheater Receives Life Changing Advice After She Texts Complete Stranger


Relationships are complicated. Even though we don’t always like to think about it, there’s always the possibility that they’ll come to an end. This girl who cheated on her boyfriend tried to reach out to the man she was having an affair with and ended up getting advice from an unexpected source. Relationships are complicated and they fall apart all the time, whether that be through:

  • Growing Apart,
  • Cheating,
  • Lack of Communication.

There are several complications that all couples will go through. At some point during those tough times, it’s up to each individual to decide whether or not they truly love the person they are with. However, if it does end on a sour note it can be even harder to part ways. This is true for both parties involved in the relationship.

The one who has been hurt is probably devastated and angry, and the one in the wrong might just be upset that they got caught. But, sometimes, the person who cheated genuinely realizes that she made a mistake. Check out this conversation between a girl who cheated and the person she thought she was having the affair with.

1. Nobody likes to hear that their partner has been dishonest and betrayed them, and there are several different ways a person might react. For this girl’s boyfriend, it sounds like rage and hostility were involved as he’s left her without any stuff, including a phone, according to these texts.

2. Dee decided to contact Jackson, the guy whom she cheated on Kevin with and this was the result. She sounds pretty distraught. We’re hoping she tried talking with Kevin before texting ‘Jackson’.

3. What Dee doesn’t know, is that this person actually isn’t Jackson at all. She says she’s texting from her dad’s phone, so it’s quite possible she could have entered the wrong number for the quick text. Why did this stranger decide to play along? We’re not too sure. But they ended up being full of advice. 

4. Neither the reader nor the person Dee is texting know the full story apart from the fact that she is in the wrong, but it definitely looks like she regrets what she has done. At dramatic times like this, a person can begin to feel hopeless.

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5. The kind stranger on the other end of the line offers Dee some pleasant advice, and attempts to bring her spirits up without sugar coating it. “If you truly devoted everything to him you wouldn’t of (sic) got involved with me,” he tells her.

6. Next he lays on even more tough love, telling her that he hopes she’s learned from her mistakes and not to cheat again. She clearly feels pretty low and that’s when the anonymous friend comes clean.

7. We’re wondering if the two continued to chat after this. Maybe Dee and this kind stranger can eventually be friends. He explains to Dee that he’s not Jackson and that he’s actually a stranger that’s been cheated on. So, the innocent gives advice to the guilty. I guess that’s why they were so full of advice.

8. Moments like this show how important it is to be loyal in relationships and to truly value what you have. It’s also inspiring to know that there are strangers out there willing to lend a listening ear, and in Dee’s case, some solid advice. We hope that Dee, the kind stranger, Kevin, and the real Jackson are doing alright!

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