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16 Cheaters Exposed On Facebook


Facebook has become more than just a way to stay connected with friends and family. Now, people use the social media platform to share everything including:

  • Their relationship status,
  • Life events,
  • Photos and videos.

However, not everything that gets posted to Facebook is positive. The social media site hasn’t just connected people, it’s also disconnected them. With Facebook, now people who have been caught cheating have felt the wrath from their partner in a very public way.

Here are 16 cheaters who have been exposed on Facebook.

1. After this woman discovered she was being cheated on, she got creative with her revenge. Maybe revenge is a dish best served hot?


2. We might not know this Adam guy, but it’s safe to assume that he probably was not the author of this status.


3. David may be optimistic about his fresh start as a single man, but his ex-girlfriend isn’t quite ready to let the past go.


4. This awkward moment just got even more awkward. Nour definitely has some explaining to do and he won’t be able to blame this one on misspelling.


5. This girl won’t be too excited about her notifications once she sees what was posted. There’s nothing like a good dose of public humiliation to soothe a broken heart.


6. Those emails Diane found must have been pretty bad considering she seems very adamant on Alan being shot. Alan might want to lay low for a little bit, maybe acquire a bulletproof vest.


7. Lynette may think she’s the victim, but she doesn’t seem to really have a grasp on how marriage works.


8. Kallie seems awfully forgetful and seems to think that having a child correlates with being a cheater. It’s probably best that Ladd got out when he did, it’s also cute that he thinks she understands what karma means.


9. Vicky clearly has a thing for guys named James, but while she had two, it looks like now she’ll have none.


10. Tiffany seems really happy with her relationship. Her secret? Conveniently forgetting all of her boyfriend’s history.


11. A hay barrel may be a nice fix for one’s simulated farm, but it’s not going to fix the damage done after sleeping with your brother’s girlfriend.


12. Sarah might want to re-evaluate her friend list before asking everyone how they met her. Clearly Sarah has had some introductions that didn’t go great, unless they took place at Wendy’s.


13. This guy may want to reconsider his conversation topics when taking public transportation.


14. There are reactions that are expected when someone catches their partner cheating on them, but immediately taking out your phone and snapping a picture is a new one.


15. New parent or not, Wanda has not forgotten that she was cheated on and she’s not going to let anyone else forget either.


16. Rob’s decision to play the field ended with all of his stuff on a field. It can’t be easy to come back after a status like this leaks to all of your friends and family.



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