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Chelsea Clinton Defends Trump’s Son After Site Shames Him For His Clothes

It’s hard to argue with the press and coverage of the ever-ongoing Trump circus in the White House, but former First-Family member, Chelsea Clinton wants news outlets to know that they should stop picking on Trump’s son, Barron. Regardless of anyone’s political views, Chelsea wants people to remind themselves that Barron Trump is just a child, and being in the spotlight is no easy feat.

This is the second occasion on which Chelsea Clinton rose to Barron Trump’s defense, after a statement last April regarding the press’s treatment of the white house youth. This time around, the press has accused Barron of the manner in which he dresses when making public appearances with his parents, accusing him of inappropriate attire, being too informal, and that it “isn’t normal” for the way he dresses. It seems criticizing a child’s fashion sense didn’t sit too well with her.

Chelsea rose to the occasion by expressing her views through her Twitter account. She said that “It’s high time the media & everyone leave Barron Trump alone & let him have the private childhood he deserves.” Although outspoken about her views against many of Donald Trump’s actions, Chelsea stands by her defense of Barron. Chelsea is no stranger to the public eye. During the family’s stay in the white house in the mid-90s, Chelsea Clinton would be subject to the most television and media coverage than any other children of former presidents.

It would ultimately be the Monica Lewinski scandal that would cause Chelsea to be harassed by the media for their opinions about her father among other topics. Today, Chelsea is a published author, political advocate, NBC news correspondent and mother of two children of her own. She will continue to advocate for causes she cares most about, and it is likely that her influence will gain more power as the years move on.

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