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Chester Bennington’s Death Was Allegedly Predicted Online Days Before It Happened

New information has been released on the suicide of Chester Bennington that may suggest that his death was hinted at several days before it actually happened due to an internet hoax. Internet death hoaxes are a pretty common thing that some sources try for clicks or views.


Snopes has called out MassMedia for using the death of Chester Bennington in order to do just that. Apparently, they have created other death hoaxes for this purpose in the past.

A page had been created on Facebook the Tuesday before he passed away entitled ‘R.I.P Chester Bennington’ which quickly gained a million likes.

That page was then picked up by MassMedia who wrote a story on the hoax before it was deleted. ‘At about 11 a.m. ET on Tuesday (July 18, 2017), our beloved singer Chester Bennington passed away. Chester Bennington was born on March 20, 1976 in Phoenix.’ It had said. ‘He will be missed but not forgotten. Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page.’ MassMedia then wrote an article entitled ‘Chester Bennington dead 2017: Linkin Park frontman killed by internet death hoax.’

Since the death of Chester Bennington has now been confirmed to be true by law enforcement agencies and the local coroner, the stories on MassMedia have been deleted. There is now a story reporting on the actual death of Chester Bennington on MassMedia.

To call this a strange coincidence would be an understatement. It can almost suggest that the hoax was a possible contribution considering Bennington’s mental health at the time. People and media sources need to be careful with what they’re writing and who they write about. Not everyone will take a death hoax lightly. Could you imagine how you would feel if a bunch of people believed that you were dead?

Hopefully, now that this is all in the air, the mistakes that were made can be learned from. Other media sources will understand that death hoaxes are not the way to get clicks and likes. Even if the person who wrote those articles believed that Bennington really had passed away, which I doubt, they should have checked their facts first.

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