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Child Destroys $1,300 Worth Of Makeup At Sephora, Angry Shoppers Call Out ‘Careless’ Mom

Sephora enthusiasts may feel a little faint after seeing this atrocity.

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Stepping into a Sephora store is not just walking into a store—it’s an experience. You can get your makeup done, you’re surrounded by pretty packaging, the displays are practically calling your name and best of all customers are encouraged to test and try on products at will. Makeup can serve a multitude of purposes; it can be a bonding ritual with your friends, a way to express your individual style or simply an excuse to paint your face every shade of the rainbow at least once.

Mom and makeup artist Brittney Nelson recently visited her local Sephora in Augusta, Georgia when she saw it. There at the Make Up For Ever display was an eyeshadow and blush palette of at least 52 products completely destroyed. That’s about $1,300 worth of cosmetics turned into a powdery mess.

Nelson, who remembered seeing a mother and child rushing out of the store as she walked in, was extremely upset over the carelessness of the situation. She assumed the child was left unattended and took a picture to remind fellow mothers how important it is to keep an eye on their kids while shopping, as well as teaching them proper etiquette.

nelsonFacebook | Brittney Nelson

Nelson posted photos of the destroyed display to Facebook, along with a message reminding moms who bring their kids to stores like Sephora that this isn’t acceptable behavior.

makeup destroyedFacebook | Brittney Nelson

Nelson said the unattended child probably thought the colorful eyeshadows were finger paints. “It looked 100x worse in real life and I don’t work for Sephora,” she wrote. Nelson wrote in her post that she’s established a strict “hands in pocket” rule for her daughter. “It was very helpful, so if you must take your kiddos makeup shopping, I suggest trying it,” she says.

The post garnered a lot of controversy from parents. Many readers are calling the unnamed mother “careless” or “self-absorbed.” Other readers sympathized with the parent, saying some parents have no choice but to bring their kids to stores — but almost everyone was in agreement that it’s the parent’s responsibility to keep an eye on them.

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